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Car Insurance

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Just a quick grumble....

We were so proud of our Son for passing his Driving Test, but the elation has quickly passed...
We have been looking for insurance for him, and the cheapest we can find works out at £4,000! Image

Bearing in mind, that this is for a really old cheap banger just to see him through his first 12 months. We put in the search random makes/models just to get an idea.

How on earth is an 18 year old supposed to pay that? Or us for that matter?

Bl**dy ridiculous

This is one of the reasons my son opted for a motorbike. £300 For the year.

My daughter last year was quoted 2 1/2 grand , it was 500 more because she paid in monthly instalments, this year she has saved like mad, so she didnt have to pay the extra and got it right down.
She also had a named driver put on so it bought the insurance down, have you had a quote done with someone else as the named driver, it might help.

Hope you can find cheaper.

This is the main reason i cant afford to even learn to drive, i could not afford the insurance Image x
I've been trying to get car insurance for my 41 year old son on his Dad's old banger. Car is worth £300 insurance quotes coming in at £1200 !!!!!!!!!
He used to drive vans for his works for over 15 years, never had a bump/speeding fine etc.
This is just because he has never had a car of his own.
Blxxdy ridiculous !!!!!
Sometimes it's worth forgetting the comparison websites and resorting to the old fashioned method of ringing round the various companies - at least then you can actually talk to an advisor and get some advice on how to bring the quote down.

I've been driving for 30+ years - only 2 claims in all that time (neither my fault), maximum no claims discount and I still find that by ringing round I get a better deal than using the comparison sites Image

I do know that, statiscally, young men with their first car are considered to be the greatest risk which is why the premiums are loaded for that group.
the old dolls great grandaughter is just 13 , she has been told that she should get A* when aged 16 ..at the moment she wants to join the R.A.F. after university, the old doll has opened an under 19 bank account for her and she hopes this will be enough for her to buy a car and insure the bloody thing ..nowt like planning in advance..............
try,fully comp quote but put the excess at the same as the value of the car,because you won't claim anyway and i bet the price comes down or put a member of the family on the quote.
Some companies offer a discount for new clients who previously drove company vehicles. The National Farmers Union did this for my OH and saved us a fortune.

Insurance for young drivers is pure madness, and in most cases the parents have paid so they have no true conception for the cost.

This is why so many opt to just add the child`s name to the family car insurance and hope for the best.

If you have a local insurance broker they will do the phoning round for you.

Take care
May I suggest your son considers buying a tractor instead? Image

http://www.metro.co.uk/news/864501-teen ... ng-tractor
A friend of mine got his son an old MPV - not a cool car by any means - and had his wife on the insurance too. Brought the cost right down.
You have to go for small, old, uncool cars like a panda or micra

When my kids passed their test I added them to my insurance (and it was me that mostly drove it) and I used an insurance company that gave them no-claims years even they werent the named insurerees. This meant that once they had finished uni they could take out insurance in their own name with some no-claims bonus.