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Persistant Complainer

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I don't know if I'm unusual because I have to advocate for 2 children and now a disabled mother, so 3 people in all.
Here's the thing, found out from SS in my mothers area that police didn't inform them of vulenrable adult turning up at their station and they should have, so what's new, always coming across people who should have done something and didn't.
I am becoming increasingly aware though that I am probably a persistant complainer and irresepective of whether my complaints are valid or not the fact that my name must be coming up all over the place makes me think I'm probably labelled as someone who just moans about everything.
I thought I'd post this here because as carers most of you will be in the situation of having to complain much more often than in pre-caring days, doesn't it just drive you crazy?
i totally agree with you,don't forget you are fighting the corners for 3 other people,if you don't agree with what you are being told you tell them,i told the hospital my wife had alzheimers and a year after they agreed with me,if i don't agree with meds i tell them,i've concluded that the g in gp stands for generally not got a clue,lifes a fight just try to keep winning it,malc
I thought it was me just getting to grumpy old woman stage Image Image Image Image
You may label it as moaning but in reality how many instances is it fighting for something for one of the family members you care for.

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I have the reputation now for "throwing my toys out of the pram".........just sometimes you have to go the extra mile to get someone to listen. Then act for the benefit of your caree(s).

Take care
I call it getting upon my high horse.
We HAVE to be that squeaky wheel. I've found that the only way you get anything from anyone is if you know your rights, hence my motto Knowledge is power, and fight for them because no one will volunteer the information about your entitlements. You have to find this stuff out then complain how hard your life is without these things.
If something isn't right then saying so is not complaining, it's standing up for yourself or someone else.

And if it was done as it should have been in the first place then we wouldn't have to keep 'moaning'!
Know the feeling: I am restricting myself to fighting a select few battles that are a) important and b) I have some chance of winning. The rest is dross, water under the bridge.
Vicky, there are people who complain because they have a reason, and evidence to back it up, and there are people who complain for the sake of it, with no evidence and no good reason.

Somehow I think you're the kind who has good reason. And more power to your elbow. Not enough people complain.