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I now need to look at a car into which a power chair can be driven. Fiat Doblo comes to mind but something smaller would be preferred. I've been told that there are smaller cars which would do the job. I once again cast my question out there - thanks everyone...

We got our Kangoo from there (google wheelchair access vehicles, quite a lot out there) and they were very good. They brought it to us for a test drive and the minor changes needed were included in the price it was offered at, plus their after service was good too.
Thanks - Kangoo does look like a smaller alternative (the smaller the better as long as it does the job).
if your thinking of getting a doblo don't buy one lease it,i owned one with a wiring fault from the maf and my boss of the taxi company owns 2,they're a pain in the rear end,i would get something with a hdi engine(french),run forever and mendable,i gave up with fiat and now own a transit van with a ramp in and a 406 hdi estate,in my opinion best van ever made and best diesel engine ever ,in the peugeot ,you just have to ignore the odd wiring issue,
I'm not sure yet but I'm tempted by the Kangoo. We may also look at those devices which lift a wheelchair onto the roof of a car - it would have to be a power chair though.
This site might be of interest: http://www.justmobility.co.uk
We're planning to go look at some motors tomorrow but may consider a hoist. Is it possible for a roof-hoist to lift a power chair into a Yaris without removing the back seats?
We have to try to make up our minds on this. Does anyone have any small cars which have been adapted to store a power chair - or, alternately, what do you have and how do you get on with it?
We have an adapted van with a tailgate lift. Its a Renault Master and the biggest vehicle we have ever had (although another family we know has a long wheelbased one which is even bigger than ours because they have two DMD boys to transport). We need one this big because we have to transport our 26 year old son in his powerchair, all his equipment (ventilator etc), and also my mobility scooter and of course the weekly shop.

have you thought of a black cab,built for the job,quirky and cheap,some come with the ramps,no conversion to mess with and the unwin track should be in place to lock the chair down,the old fairways are holding there price but the tx2 £1k up,malc