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Advice please

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Our son has been disabled and bedridden for the past 11 years. We take care of him and have an adaption to our property so our son has a bedroom with a disabled ensuite.
We found Social services of no help and our son decided he did not want Social workers visiting. He stated this in an email many years ago.
We have a lifeline for our son and received a letter that this had to be updaded by 2025. We had numerous phone calls, emails and letters to have this updated right away but due to the Covid pandemic, asked to have it put on hold as the lifeline we had was fully working.
The constant calls continued and the lady was extremely rude on the phone recently. I complained. We went ahead and had the lifeline updaded a week ago but following my complaint ( there can be no other reason) our son received a letter yesterday ( Saturday morning) stating someone would be calling to check on him from the lifeline dept on Monday morning after concerns!
My wife had told the lifeline dept she was very concerned about anyone coming into our home, due to our son being in the high risk group for Covid. My wife is also in the high risk group so to us this is common sense.
Our son is an adult and does not want this visit. Can he refuse? What are his rights?
Thank you very much.
Perhaps try selling your story to the papers. That may help make a difference.
If your son wants to contest this he has the right, but I strongly suggest that if that is the case he obtains legal advice first: no one here can give legal advice, we can only tell you how we understand the law. This link gives a broad outline of the law: https://www.inbrief.co.uk/property-law/ ... our-house/ I certainly would not involve the media under any circumstances at this stage - that would be a last resort.

That said, it's not specific guidance for your situation and it's clear that something in your calls has triggered a safeguarding concern. If you refuse entry, then you may hit the problem that the police are involved by the authorities and it can become much more of a problem. Add to that the problem that while your son has made it clear that he wants no social workers, the alarm system is not normally part of the social care department and most often comes under housing, so prior notice to social workers doesn't have any effect. It's probably safest not to refuse entry but to think of it another way. If you want as little interference as possible, go for the minimum - because the more you resist, the more likely it will become a much bigger problem.

If your son and your wife were in the shielding group, the government still recommends shielding: but the argument is likely to be that concern for his current safety trumps shielding. So for you, what is most likely to be effective is for your son to agree to the visit but requiring strict covid protocols for any visitor - proof of vaccination, masked up and using hand gel before being allowed entry. Plus of course presenting ID as usual.
Everything Charles said.

Something has escalated for some reason a red flag has been raised at their end and refusing entry is a red rag to a bull, they could be suspicious concerned you are hiding something, who knows what is going through their minds.

Consider the situation as a negotiation position - what can you lose in order to win? In this case it is allowing access but under your terms because it is your property and your son, you call the shots for conditions of entry. Do they actually need to go inside the room, could they stand at the doorway and your son presses the button and they see he is ok and the lifeline is working. Or through the window.

It does seem a rather extreme reaction.
Smooth it over as best as you can and ask them what caused them to be so concerned because there is no cause that you can see and you want to understand. Have a neutral pragmatic face to face with them, detach emotion, work with the facts. This is not stepping down or losing, it is reviewing and reappraising the situation and taking a different approach.
You could try looking at the contract and their website regarding their safeguarding policy.
When they come be calm and polite, no matter how you feel. Let them see your true normal home.
See everyone involved in the caring profession as trained in safeguarding and looking out for red flag triggers for concerns and raising alarms.

Our electricity supplier sporadically send meter readers round and they are trying the locked door to get in and then once they actually walked in to the house as the door wasn't locked. I felt ballistic about it but I politely pointed out to the meter reader and to the company that I appreciate it is their equipment but this is my property and entering without invitation is trespass and if they do it again I will change my supplier. After that they knock and wait.

I wouldn't get the papers involved. You don't want them on your doorstep/coming in and the situation inflaming and creating chaos. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Keep calm and in control.
Pick your battles carefully.
I would make a "Subject Access Request" to the council to see what had been written about me. They cannot refuse.
Thank you for all your replies. I should add that no person in the lifeline department has ever met us or our son. Never been to our home. Just the engineer who installed it. He never met our son and never needed to go into his room. The complaint agains the the lady who was rude on the telephone was investigated but as she was working from home and used a mobile the call was not recorded.
The only thing that was discussed on the phone was the difficulty in getting an engineer to call at the correct time as my wife had a lot of Hospital appts booked. It was then suggested we ring on the day to book an engineer. Which we did.
We have to have a GP call out in the morning for our son as this letter upset him and has caused him to feel unwell.
I will ask to see the report.
Thank you very much.
We are here for you.
Just to update. The Social worker accompanied with a nurse came to check on our son this morning, following the concern which was reported to them from the lifeline department.
They were happy. They could see our son is receiving proper care. The nurse said she could see the stress and discomfort their visit caused our son as he is too weak to hold a conversation. They understood how he just wanted ourselves taking care of him. They apologised but had to follow up the call.
Of course they now know it was a malicious call after us reporting the rude lady from the lifeline department, who has been investigated over her attitude. The lifeline digital change over is not until 2024-2025 so there was no rush!
Our son is now having a GP home visit this afternoon as all the stress of the viist has made him really unwell. So annoying as it was all needless.
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
I'd contact the call centre manager and ask that this call operator "should not have a customer facing role any more until she has successfully completed further training"!
Glad to hear all went well.

The fact that they have identified it as a malicious report means they will go back to the agency making the report. If it came from the individual you complained about, it will become a disciplinary issue: people who act maliciously without good reason or in "revenge" for something don't tend to be kept on the staff for long.