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cant cope

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I'm srugling more and more on a personal level with my own problems never mind that of those i care for! My level of pain is unbearable im on morphine amitriplyne and cocodamol but still get no sleep and little relief from the pain. The nights are the worse and im struggling more and more i just want it to stop i sit here at stupid o,clock in the morning looking at the bottle of tablets wondering how many it would take for the pain to go away.Just need someone i can tell how i feel and this the only place ican think of sorry just so tired ............
Welshie, see your doctor as soon as possible. S/he may be able to suggest something else - not simply painkillers: do you have a Pain Clinic you could be referred to? They are often really good at sorting out a range of support to help manage pain.
I sugget to see GP asap as well.

It may by not just about pains...I mean some other health condition can make it worth...I do not mean to make you worry that did happen to me few years ago. I had severe skin problem on my face and neck suddenly + whistling ear which was almost unbearable. My GP who is excellent to look after my diabled husband but he could not identify a root in my conditions first, which caused me to suffer from above problems for longer until I saw a female GP as standby doctor who spotted other health matter with me. That root of my health concern has been treated by medication mainly which has been working well - I did not need to have two separate specialists to treat me for skin and ears in the end...

Take care.
thanks both for your replies i was so low last night and just dont want to keep going through it.
Im on the waiting list for pain clinic and also waiting for diagnois for the pain was refered to rhematologist but the hospital in there wisdon sent me to a physio!!
Ive been to gp and they have doubled my dose of morphine and amitriplyne so heres hoping. Ive never wanted to give up before the way i want ot give up now
Not sure if this will help you at all but my hubby has been through a similar situation. He was in immense pain and we ended up asking how we could make a complaint after being offered yet another xray. Unfortunately this didn't resolve things fully for us until we insisted that hubby be admitted to hospital. It wasn't until he was in hospital that he got the treatment and the correct pain relief he needed. In our case, if we hadn't have done so, he would have been waiting at least another 4 weeks with totally inadequate pain relief and no mobility - he was already having to sleep downstairs.

I do hope that you get the help you need very soon xx
Awwwww Rachel, so sorry
Hey Welshie, so sorry to hear you are in so much pain mentally and physically.

Special hugs to you xx
Thinking about you Welshie. Hope pain can be managed better for you soon. My OH had to stop taking co-codamol in combination with other painkillers as they were causing pain in his nerve endings, as does paracetamol if he has more than two a day...........yet it is the first painkiller prescribed for any pain. Dad was on 8 a day and still in agony from arthritis, but had his best nights sleep ever on........two tic tac..........honestly, I kid you not.

Take care