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can 'young blood' cure dementia? - Carers UK Forum

can 'young blood' cure dementia?

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I've just read, completely by chance, the most extraordinary article in the Guardian. I'd never ever heard of these experiments, but apparently they've being doing them for years!

The thesis is that elderly people with dementia who receive blood from young people may find that their 'brain decay' is reversing. It's to do with proteins in the 'young blood' (which have been lost by the time we get old!) stimulating new neural connections in the brain, and the 'revivial' of moribund stem cells which in young people are far more active to create new tissue cells.

The scientists are now just starting to do trials on humans (as opposed to mice)(!)

Here is the link

http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015 ... der-people

Have others heard of this already? As I say, it's completely new to me!
New to me too.

All sounds a bit "Drac" to me
Be interesting to see how that develops, Jenny, I think all new procedures sound very out there at first (I imagine the idea of transplanting a heart was unthinkable at one time) but what an interesting concept and imagine being able to really do something about dementia. It's not something I have a lot of experience of but it sounds like an awful condition to have so some sort of hope would be very encouraging. I wonder if it would also work with brain injuries and that sort of thing if the brain can grow new neurons? What a possibility.
Exactly, Eun!
Yes, it's definitly all a bit vampirish, isn't it!!!

Maybe the 'less ghoulish' way would be to keep in families, so to speak. So children (adult ones!) will give a blood donation to their own parents?

Mind you, at least it's not quite as 'squirmy' (!) as the (apparently very successful!) approach to curing IBS and other such problems by, er, 'introducing' the er, 'effluent' of other (healthy) folk into the afflicted, er 'rear end'......!!!!!

I think though, the whole idea (both, in fact) just goes to show how much there is still to learn about the human body and what keeps it healthy (or not) and what options may be come, indeed, perfectly 'normal' as time goes by.

If only society invested far more heavily in such innovation, rather than wasting it on endless obsession with nutrition/diets/obesity etc. I mean, yes, it's all very intersting discovering about things like brown fat cells, and research low-carb diets, etc etc etc, but in the end we could achieve vast amounts of fitness vs fatness just by eating less, of what we already know to be good for us, and excercising a lot more. We already know 'enough' to keep us fit - we just dont' do it! (well, I don't....: ( )