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It's sad to see the architects of the Welfare State (the Liberals, contrary to popular opinion) talking about scrapping benefits. As for CA, Cherish, Labour have already tried and have only deferred the decision for now. They won't forget the possibility.

Whoever is in power after the general election, we have a major battle on our hands.
As for CA, Cherish, Labour have already tried and have only deferred the decision for now. They won't forget the possibility
The silence from govt is deafening on this one Charles.The whole thing stinks.
I really thought when the SDP was formed with Mr Owen,Mr Rogers & Mss William's that and new party would break away from the old system.

But they aligned themselves with the Liberals it was the wrong thing to do if they had stayed a stand alone party they would have been successful.

As it was they were amalgamated into one party that was already established and many people that would have come forward and voted for them myself included didnt.

Then when Paddy said he just wanted to call the party Just Democrats the old guard stepped in and said know we are the Liberals we don't mind adding democrats on the end.

That's when I changed my mind and didnt vote for them i knew then that it was the old Liberal party again.

I could vote for Paddy he was your best leader you ever had.

Then in those day's everybody knew Paddy now people say Nick who.

to be electable,which its what all parties are all about,policies must,as tony blair knew,appeal to middle-income voters,they actually bother to vote,if they are angered by one or other party,they vote in droves.so they make or break governments.the reality is the edge-dwellers,those in most need,socially excluded,dont bother to vote,many never even register to vote.so,frankly,middle-ground party themes predominate.

obviously its refreshing when theres a break from the usuall dross and we get some radical ideas.blairs third way was a non-frightgening way to embrace,allbeit,reluctantly,old labour,and middle income middle england voters,who were natural tory voters,it was a big compromise,it yielded nothing radical,but it won blair 3 elections.as a lib-dem radical,i dont uphold it as a great concept.but it created a consenus where rich and poor could both vote for labour and not feel threatened by labour policies.

the problem,as i see it,now,is post-blair,post third way,theres no big new idea to create consenus needed to atract wide voter support.so,theres no clear direction being offered.the recession further causes fragmented policy ideas.voters now are both cynicle,due to the mps expences fiasco,recession etc,the partys seem very much reacting but in fact bring nothing new to the table.
Hi Maxi

On your last post I wholeheartedly agree with what you say.

But where do we go from here both large parties have a monopoly as I see it.

I wish there was a really large third party but to be truthful there's not so back to the big two.

We lose what ever happens.

yes,john,im a lib dem supporter,member,campaigner,and a realist,the two big parties are the only game in town,however,obviously,cynicism over mps expences,recession,etc,etc,may mean a hung parliament,even under our first past the post voting system,then,its a whole new ball game.then,we can dare to dream.then anything is possible.
there comes a time when a government has come to the natural end of its rule and the time for change arrives.the only real question will be will labour suffer crushing defeat at the polls.will the tories be swept into massive majority power.or will we get a hung parliament.but i do sence that even the pm sences that time for change has come.
I don't think an hung parliament would achieve anything.

Only that another election would follow soon after.
You only have to look back to the Lib-Lab pact and it didnt work due the the fact that the bigger party in the coalition always gets it's way.
There would be a few little concessions to the smaller party a cabinet minster without portfolio but not much else.

If all 3 parties could get equal amount's of seats then something could be done ie one party as the prime minister's job another chancellor of the exchequer and another home secretary and so forth.

Then it would work but hung parliament with 2 large parties and one small no way.

in the depths of trade union excess,in the madness of the unions turning on the then labour government,strikes,the dead not cremated or buries,filthy streets,i left the uk.lived and worked outside it for a decade.maggie thatcher had transformed it in that time.when i came back in 88 i saw the massive changes.some good,some bad.

i left the uk under a labour government,propped-up by the liberals,with very little benifit for the liberals either.but a proper two party government where both partys have credible input,an agreed shared vision works in wales where plaid cymru and labour run things in the welsh government.works in europe too.

if the partys are grown-up enough to see a hung parliament as not just a hitch to be dealt with by re-running the election,but as a new start for a new vision,a four year prgrame,then it could be great.

im a liberal democrat member and supporter.i feel labour has naturally done the best in social terms,for the uk,but is nearing the end of the road.the tories i dread.they serve only the rich.but for my loathing of trade unions as self-serving factional things who are only for their members and blow everyone else,and labour being funded by such a bunch,i might well be a labour voter myself,but i couldnt do it as labour is now.
My passion is for the rainbow .... let's vote for the parties that have some fresh and promising ideas, parties that embrace the new century not the C19th parties our grandparents voted for. The only way to generate change is to turn your back on tradition and vote Green... or Purple, or even Strawberry ... but Labour and the Tories days are numbered. By all means vote Lib_Dem if you can figure what they really stand for. I know they are nice people, but their policies are pish.