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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.

Do you want to ask the Audience or 50-50 or Phone a friend. ?

I'll take the money and run Image
Your choice will be Brown or Cameron you can say what ever you want but that's a fact.

Who will win ?
Damned whichever way we jump.From the frying pan into the fire sticks in my mind.
if the present government were delivering for carers,at any level,id be in accord with those who knock the other partys.in fact labour has done nothing for carers.any headway has occured with crossparty support.so whichever party holds office would do as little.the futile nature of personality is so boring,the leader of the perty is the frontman but not the party.you need to think of the party behind the leader,on that level,labour and tories equally frighten me.both offer nothing.
I would'nt trust a politician as far as i could throw one the've got nothing on snake oil salesmen
fraudsters, liars, cheats who only look after there own welfare.


Sad to say it but we are NOT WORLD STAGE there are other issues that are more paramount
in the world of politics....... and I am heartily sick of it all we bother to damn much about world affairs and lock out whats happening around us we are a small insignificant island in the grand scheme of things and should LOOK AFTER OURSELVES AND OUR COUNTRY

I've dismantled the platform and exit the stage thankyou all Image
CLEGG has back tracked on child benefit being means tested and tuition fees .

re child benefit being means tested the Liberals said a family earning £50-000 per year or less would still get the child benefit as they thought £50-000 per year was not a large salary and the family would need help and suppoprt via child benefit what about us poor sods= carers who survive on £2-400 per year .
If you want to be in a shadow cabinet then join the Lib-Dem's for you are sure to get picked for a cabinet post as there are only a few of you.

So you can make all the promises you like you are never going to be held to account for all the failures of the ruling government you can always say we would have done it better and it's not my fault that we are in this mess so if you want to always be the good guy's and gal's then become A Lib-Dem (Leader) you will always be popular with out offending anybody because you didnt have to make the decision's of the government of the day.

I always have and always will vote SNP and if there is a referendum on independence I will be voting yes. If the Conservatives get in I think there is a good chance we Scots will vote for independence.

I think the Conservatives are just as likely to scrap universal benefits as the Lib Dems. I thought the rate of CA has been bad under Labour, but I am worried that the Conservatives could scrap CA completely .... (or that the Lib Dems will scrap it - I'm trying to be impartial!)

When the Conservatives answer letters about CA, they always seem to talk about getting carers into work, rather than reply specifically about CA. Is that their underlying plan?

Yes I agree that both leaders are too slick and image-conscious to appeal to me. I would like someone who seems real and I can trust ...... it's asking a bit much though in politics.
I always have and always will vote SNP and if there is a referendum on independence I will be voting yes. If the Conservatives get in I think there is a good chance we Scots will vote for independence.

I'm a Scottish Green, and we also will be voting for independence, though for very different reasons than the SNP. Salmond and Sturgeon are very odd fish indeed...

Labour's arguments for staying in the Union won't wash given the size of the drubbing they are heading for both north and south of the border. The Tories are totally unelectable, a shambling dinosaur of a party. And as usual the wishy-washy Lib-Dems havent got the foggiest what they stand for...

Just noticed that is my 1745 th post ... a rather significant number for those of us north of Hadrians wall.
it is inevitable that as we all have strong individual and settled political opinions,we shall only ever agree to differ on these diverse views so its futile trying to change minds.thats not what am into,in my own case,no amount of jovial or more cutting digs at the lib dems will change my opinion.ill vote lib dem every time.they are the party for my core belief in social justice.ive never trusted labour,they have divided this nation socially,poverty in this country is rising.the scandal of pentioner-poverty is a social outrage.it only serves to show how labour fail to be fair or respond to need.the tories i would like to think have learned that the nhs debate today has gone beyond the essential baseline of the nhs being a universal service,free at the point of use,that,it seems to me,is the settled will of the uk populus,so,not a political argument anymore.i think we all may agree on the value of the nhs.the method of delivering this universal service is,ofcourse,a valid issue for debate.reasoned alternatives to the present delivery method.these are worth hearing.

i think in terms of the welfare state.as clearly,there being such high levels of appauling poverty,marginalsation,social exclusion of so many,the homeless,carers,the elderly,many in society,such drastic exclusion,the missery it causes,the concept of targeting benifits to those in greatest real need seems a fair concept.we are,under labour,a world away from this yet.
theres such scewed unfairness,such poor delivery of a just benifit and tax system that we need a very clear,radical change of direction.the only question is which party will be radical,brave and honest enough to level with us.to layout clear honest policies.the present situation is unfair.