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Being a carer now for over 10 years and having asked a lot of questions one of which was how
am I classed as I claim CA, And being told that CA is taxable I am classed as working,
So why is it that the Goverment do not pay the minimum wage as STIPULATED by the
European union can this not be taken up with the European union in Brussels
WHAT DO YOU THINK who's got the money to do it. And what a case it would make.
more to the point why won't working tax credit count it as work even though it's taxable and i pay ni from it,talk about having your cake and eating it,good old government,can your imagine the amount they'd pay in wtc if they changed the rules
I have always felt that CA is like a payment for slavery. 7 years ago, I proposed a motion at the Carers UK AGM in London, that caring was work and should be treated as such, AT LEAST paid at the minimum wage rate. The motion was passed almost unanimously, so this is an issue close to my heart. I no longer care full time (a few weeks after the AGM I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, followed by major surgery, so I'm very lucky to be here now). My consultant banned me from giving any care from then onwards, but I'm still caring part time for a son with learning difficulties and an elderly mum. Unfortunately I don't care for either for 35 hours a week, so don't qualify for CA any more, otherwise I'd be happy to take this one forward. Many years ago, I well remember that CA was only payable to men, but was then challenged in the European Union and ended up being paid retrospectively to female carers - about £2,000 each. I was chairman of a charity for special children at the time. When I told my mums that they were going to get £2,000 each (a lot of money then) they all thought I'd lost the plot, but I made certain that every single one of them applied for the back pay, and in due course received it. We loved swopping notes on how we had spent it. Someone MUST challenge this - and I think it would be better if it was a male carer. Whilst we are all equal, some are more equal than others. For those caring for 168 hours a week it works out at about 31p per hour, with no sick pay, no right to a holiday (as carers have in Australia) just work, work, work. It's slavery. It's also unfair that if you care for 35 hours plus per week, but work as well, you actually lose your CA. Who else loses the pay for their first job when they have a second one?!?!
Its interesting.But,as Im not a lawyer,I think that theres a get-out clause somewhere which lets government off the hook.I like the idea though.Good point.