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Carers UK have a look at this link - Carers UK Forum

Carers UK have a look at this link

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
I've just been sent a link to this and put my details in.
It seemed a useful tool and signposts you to lots of different info depending on your details.
Definitely worth a look.

I have filled it in but they assume things that are not so.

They ask how caring has affected relationship with family
and require an answer !

But I have no family at all so had to lie about family relationship
which doesn't exsist just to finish the entry.

Why do people think that everyone has a family? It's so depressing.
Hi Henrietta

the details are also here (along with other useful information and phone numbers (it's in the "Announcements" section at the top of each of the forum's topics)

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... bers-24228
I'd never bothered completing it before but was surprised how many links it gave me. Nothing new for me but useful to others perhaps.
Albert- I know how you feel. I had to give work a contact number "In case of emergencies" I thought- you are having a laugh- I just sort out other people's emergencies. No one would be there for me. :(
I've written to Carers UK pointing out that some of us have do not have families.

Maybe in future they will then have a possibility of entering
'no family' instead of having to lie about it. So ridiculous.
Hi Albert,

Glad you've discovered the UpFront guide. We've had lots of positive feedback about the guide since it launched but we're always looking for ways to improve.
Thanks for your feedback. I've passed this note onto the development team to see if we can get it changed. (it's an intuitive programme so it may be a bit tricky and not quickly solvable but we'll get there :) !!)

Many thanks
Any guide for carers will need to reflect the diversity of carers ... a minimum of 50 combinations of carers / carees within / outside family units ( Halting at a maximium of 6 members ) produced during our time with CarerWatch almost a decade ago.

Imagine trying to calculate the benefit entitlements in those 50 odd combinations ?

A " One size fits all " type guide would be doomed to failure at some point.