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Dont mind if i do. -Carers UK Forum

Dont mind if i do.

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In a Mailing from MIND,(I support them,The Only BIG charity I bother with.)I got a poster which said that "When I get out problems dont seem so big".Aint THAT the truth?.In the house its all big grim and sitting looking at yet another bloody form to fill-in,even a brief walk cures those blues. Image
Maxi,that is EXACTLY how I feel when I can get out. The sea in all its glory,whatever the time of year,reminds me that the world will continue on,whatever happens in my life.I have just come from Facebook,looking at a promotional video of Pembrokeshire, filmed before Esso was built there,in 1958.I haven't watched it all yet,it was shared from youtube,but it reminds me of why I love living in Pembrokeshire and always have.
Yep,escaping the confines of ones castle is what life is all about.Fresh air,unlimited view,life unfolding before us.Can`t beat it. Image
Yes.For all our bluster,we are tiny tiny things in the scheme of things and we miss so much by our daily fears,all of which are man made anyway.Just look at where I strolled today,Majestic,natural.REAL!.centres me.
Looks beautiful, im so jealous x
Looks lovely. we havent been to Llandudno for a while and yet its not far from me. mum loves it there.
It is one of many places,here,in North Wales,i find myself in,and find balance.Makes the madness of all the pathetic rituals of form filling etc so trivial,so in proportion.
I am feeling very low tonight, missing Rhys so much. Think I will fill a flask and go and have a morning at the beach tomorrow with my very energetic labrador,after looking at these photos Maxi.Thanks for inspiring me. Image
Colwyn Bay Image hoping to go there soon. i miss our seaside trips. we always used to go there as well as going to Rhyl and Prestatyn.

((((Hugs)))) Jane xx
Hugs to you too,OH yes,you MUST come to the area and be relaxed,you deserve it.