Can anyone "win" against these social workers?

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I have just had the late response to my formal complaint about my sons Occupational Therapist. I'm livid but not surprised as the "acting senior manager" has not upheld any of the complaint. She "has done a thorough investigation" How can a thorough investigation be done by asking only the Occupational Therapist what happened and she denied it?

I think I'm just looking for a spur on to take it to stage 2 of the complaints procedure. I am fighting two different departments of Scottish Social Services for my 2 cared for sons, different complaint and failings by two different workers.

I've cared for my 2 sons (different conditions, both severe) for 23 years and this is my first complaint and I'm exhausted.

Just needed to vent :(
So sorry you have been knocked back. ((( Hugs)))
Wonder if it would be worth contacting your MP? Just to believe the OT on say so is ridiculous.
I think they always say no the first time on the basis that most people don't have the time or energy to fight further.
Go to stage 2 of the complaints process adding the lack of investigation to your original

You don't strike me as someone who would crumble at the first hurdle (motivation enough?) ;)
Just keep complaining, keep a diary of who said what, where and when.