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caring for mum as a job - Carers UK Forum

caring for mum as a job

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After reading some of the problems some of you people have to deal with mine seems quite tame.

My wife has been made redundant this week which coincides with her mum coming out of a care home.
this is where it seems tame my mother in law does not have as serious an illness as some of you people have to deal with, she is riddled with arthritis and spent most of last year in hospital with pancreatitis and breathing difficulties she has also had 2 new knees and has severe mobility problems.

however she has had carer's for quite a while but since the government cut backs and due to the fact she has over the allowed limit of money in the bank we now have to sort out carers for ourselves.

My question is will my wife have to become self employed and are there things that she can claim, she will be getting over £100 per week so carers allowance is out of the question.

I apologise if our case is trivial compared to some of you but would be grateful for any information
Welcome aboard, Hilton! Sounds like your mum-in-law has plenty of problems.

She can choose to employ your wife directly - with all the tax and NI to sort out - or your wife could theoretically become self-employed. However my understanding is that the HMRC (tax man to you and me Image ) doesn't usually accept people as self-employed unless they have more than one client paying their wages.

There are usually agencies in local areas who can offer advice and help with this sort of thing - ask your mum-in-law's social worker about it. They have to help with this, even if your mum-in-law is self-financing.
Hi Hilton

and welcome to the forum.

Contact the Carers UK Adviceline - they are very helpful and I'm sure will be able to advise you. If you click on the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the page you wil find the details of how to contact to them. Or use the link below:

Hello and welcome,

Susieq and Charles are spot on with advice as usual, good luck with everything, we are always here to help.

Hello Hilton, and welcome to the forum.

I used to be a private homecarer and had five clients who were self funding. Two of the ladies had LA homecarers to get them up and dressed in the mornings and my role was more domestic, whilst others had me do their housework while they had a soak in a bubble bath twice a week as LA only showered clients and they felt a bath more beneficial. If they had a problem then I was there to help.

There are always folk out there looking for good homecarers, especially the ones who will go beyond the basics LA tend to provide.

Hope you get something worked out.

Take care