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review day

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Well, its reveiw day for us tomorrow. i am very anxious about it of course. and i feel cross that i should be made to feel anxious. but we have such a good set up going, any drop in income from the council could send all of it off course and we would be back where we started. especially with the ever present threat of the loss of ILF.

has anyone any tips on how we can handle it. all down to how the visiting social worker presents our case to the board of course. (?who are these people on the boards) Maybe i should try to bribe him Image . I cannot use my body as its now a 67 yr. old one. come to think of it, it was never the sort of body i could bribe anybody with! As he is coming at lunch time it will have to be a stale sandwich and a few crisps.

any advice would be appreciated.
...........let them eat cake!"

When mum was alive the only way we could get her to a meeting was to have it at home, usually in the afternoon and she thought she was entertaining visitors for "afternoon tea" so our SW team always got cake. We/they always tried to have meetings just after a birthday.... to get cake!

At the end of the day, bribery in any form doesn`t work and self stress is pointless. My dad always tells the SW at the review, things are going fine, so change nothing. No point in trying to fix something that isn`t broken. When they tried to get him to have a weekly shower and cut down the time needed for his careplan he was in the shower every morning when the homecarer arrived and she had no option but to stay until he was safe...............cunning ole foxy creature that he is.

Hope everything stays the same for you.

Take care