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Call yourself a carer?

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I work, but am also a carer - my husband is retired. I always give my job title but add that I am a carer. My husband always says he is a carer.

I think it's really important because caring is such a vital role probably best described as 'emotional labour'.

In considering form filling, maybe the fact that there are forms that don't give us the opportunity to detail that caring is 'a job' perhaps reflects both a lack of awareness of the number of carers there are out there and the cynic in me would suggest this also reflects how little value is placed on this role by society who have not experienced the complexity of this 'job' and the significant responsibilities carers undertake.
got a job application form on my knee right now.Dare I out myself as a carer?.Will that make the employer think twice before interviewing me?.reality is the "Carer" label can be a good or bad thing depending on when where and how its used.
Maxi, twice I have applied for jobs and been accepted since I became a Carer. Unfortunately both jobs were not suitable, once I went for interview and found out more,but I would put it down.
Why not? You are obviously good at juggling both,you have been working and caring for a while now.
Good luck with your application.
good luck with the application!!!
in your skills section- put making other people smile when they really need it!
I think in job terms caring gives us lots of experience. I'm probably not going to be filling in any job applications any time soon, but if I was to I would happily include all the skills I gained as a carer: Thinking on my feet, creative solutions to difficult problems, dealing with buerocracy ( Image ), motivational skills, working with people, working on my own, working hard to achieve goals, diplomatic skills, etc....
All gained through experience. There's no substitute. I reckon if you present it all in the right way you could come off as an amazing person to hire.
Similar things I told my son to add to his CV, he helped out with a lot of things with my Nan, as did my daughter, she works in a care home. It's all how you sell the skills you've learnt to the prospective employer.
matts 17 yr old is looking for a job and ive told her to put on her CV she is trusted to look after and help in the care of amy as she is when she isnt drunk as a skunk (we think she has a lil problem but with her un-nameable sister messing around like she is i think shes rather rude not to share the booze!)
I have only recently told my employers that i am a carer, and have asked for reduced hours as my father who i am caring for is gettin worse, they have told me to leave it a week and if i still feel the same i can go back and discuss it further, i am employed through an agency just doin no more than 20 hours a week, i try not to put on application forms that i am a carer just because i think it puts them off. im lucky that my agency has plans in place for carers
Kat x
you wil know if your employer or hr dept is carer-supportive.often you wont know untill your in the job a while.
as for job seeking,well,its a gamble saying your a carer.depends very-much on the job-spec,hours,size company.Lots to consider.

Ive two CVs.One WITH the carer aspect,one without.So,I can use either depending on the role.Its HIGHLY competative in the job market.So,I just think anyone has to be able to sell themselves,skills etc with as few obstacles,limitations as possible.In an ideal nevana Carers would be able to,at interview,on a CV or app form,be very proud to state they are a carer.But we are YEARS away from that.

Some employers are better than others.

Oh,you might get an interview,they will go through the motions,but,being a carer can be what wins or looses you the job,depending.

It can be the elephant in the room.
I would never ever inform my new employer of the fact that i am a carer ,,, we all know we have legislation set in place to protect "working carers" , but most employer`s, especially of a small business , will be very worried / concerned of employing a "carer" someone who may req regular days off , allowed to arrive late , leave early , unavailable for over time , i`m sure you get the picture , be it right or wrong , owners of small business`s will be more likely to employ someone who will be "available" 24/7, carers are probably the best workers , and could be the most loyal , but the employers , or very few will see it that way , in fact the small business leaders have succeeded in changing the employment law , which wil allow them to sack someone within the first 2 years of employment , and if the employee seeks redress via the courts they will have to place before that court a cash sum (£500) ? .....the odd`s are against us .........if you did take up paid employment , and at a later date asked for help and support from your employer due to your role as a carer , if they found out that you had not informed them of the fact that you are, and have always been a carer they will or could sack you on the spot .. we just cant win......
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