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CA stopped

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As you may have read my other post about my old doll going into hospital, i saw today my CA hasnt been paid... why are these rules so punishing to us carers.

It isnt my fault she is in hospital, so we are only allowed to have 4 weeks in 26 weeks!!!! Not what it says on direct.gov.

She had previously been in 5 weeks she came out early october, so because i had that break im not entitled to any money, and i cant claim anything else.

Im really annoyed at this!
Maybe i came across as not caring about the old doll there, of course i do... but unfortunately everybody needs money.

On the paltry amount they pay us how can you save for a rainy day, week month etc..

I have bills to pay, everything i buy clothes shoes are from catalogues.. i dont know how im going to manage.. with nothing coming in.
You can contact the helpline or CAB, Natasha - they can give you more accurate information but you may have other options.
I phoned the benefits helpline, they said i cant claim anything else Image
Is the benefits helpline the DWP one? I wouldn't necessarily take their advice as gospel - they've wrongly advised quite a few people in my area.

Try the CUK helpline. They may be able to advise you on alternatives.
I think so they CA unit gave me the number... i just wonder whether they will stop the income support i get too as i will have to phone them to.

Its just ridiculous that you cant get anything i cant look for work as she should come home maybe a couple of weeks... the rules are set to try us!!!
I telephoned CA this morning and they say they automatically stop payment when you have already had a break in care, to which i answered it wasnt my choice to stop caring the old girl was in hospital, i didnt go on holiday, i said i havent had any time off in however long i have been claiming, its ridiculous you can only have 4 weeks in 6months...its because the old girl has gone back into hospital that its stopped... who makes these rules up....

Its total Cr*p.

Now im waiting to find out if IS stops as well, then that will make my day..
Its been reinstated for 4 weeks happy days.
i read your piece and just felt it was so unfair.good to hear its been reinstated.