Hiya everyone,

I'm really glad to have my internet connection in full working order at last, I've a lot of catching up to do and although fairly new to CarersUK, I must admit to having missed the kinda 'company' this site provides.....

The past few weeks have been same old same old, but I just wanted to mention to some of my new pals out there, that I've managed to cut out the drink again and get back on track thankfully.... I do have loads to say after not being able to get online, but I think I should read up on how everyone else is doing first, as most of the time one or two of you guys will have had the same feelings as me recently, that's what I love about this place.....Image

Well, just one thought I could share now, is the way that I'm feeling as I write this, with my Mum's Huntington's only getting worse, and Dad who is 82 and bed bound, I know that THEY themselves know that things won't really improve much, and as a family and a TEAM, we all know that my life probably won't get any easier! but I just need them to know that I chose to care for them and I DON'T want to go anywhere, as many of you probably have experienced for yourselves, it's hard to watch those that we care for constantly beat themselves up for what we are missing out on whilst in our care roles! Dad (who throughout my life has only ever cried twice in front of me) seems to well up every time one of the many utterly pointless bureaucrats from social services gets me to tell them that I'm 32 years old! The poor buggers should never have to feel such a burden to me! but the fact that I have not had one single break in over a year, and ANY help offered must be paid for! well, that doesnt help us much! and I suppose I'm too damn stubborn to give up the fight for at least an hour or two's assistance a week for free! Cheers for listening folks, Trev