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Brick Wall!!! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Brick Wall!!!

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Thanks everyone, you're so right there too Maxi, this place certainly helps me believe that humanity still has a chance! and Pixie, big HUG, but as you can tell, I've had to learn the hard way as far as honesty is concerned, which kinda means that I have to tread real careful on sites like this, and I beg you guy's to to see where I'm coming from on this one, it's a tough one to explain without causing offence, but I'd rather ask for you folks to understand, then maybe I can chill a little myself. It's just that I've noticed this past year, that some people, rather than seeing the role of a carer as a compassionate or maybe even a noble act, well, they seem to see it as a weakness on our part, something for them to take advantage of!!! I've even felt this within my own family! I suppose what I'd like to say is, well done all you folks for having the strength and decency not to be the one's who scurry off into the shadows! In the eye's of those sort of people, we must seem like such a bunch of feeble losers! I for one though just wonder how some of them manage to get to sleep at night??? xx Now do you get me Pixie duck? It's just that as a 32yr old 6'4 14st ex soldier of 7 yrs, it's difficult not to want to snap that plank of yours! lol Image but that's one of the things about me that I begged you all to forgive.....and thankfully, it's yet another area of my personality that I have managed to deal with. ps My Dad just wanted me to say that staying calm whilst the 'nob heads' selfishly scurry about, is the thing he's proudest of when he looks at me just lately! Thanks Dad old bean...Image:) I'm just getting so 'super' at saving our fine nation's finances! lol Image
Thanks all,

A few of you have mentioned SSAFA like in Meg's post, I have been in touch with them for a few years now folks, and they have been A1. It was actually through the MOD that I managed to get a place in the Priory Clinic Nottingham, with their support, I've been able to get a grip of what was a destructively spiralling situation.......I probably shouldn't have been left as the sole carer of 2 immediately after trying to kick the crack, smack and booze all in one go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but nobody really gave a crap! It's lucky that I'm a kinda strangely philosophical yet stubborn 'bleep' lol, cos that thankfully means that I just WONT WONT WONT let my difficult situation and the responsibilities that go with it, be in any way, ANY WAY, an excuse for me to spiral back into oblivion! I know that it would be so easy to do that! People even seem to be expecting me to!!! NOT an option peeps! I've been so close to going over the edge again, and each time, without trying to sound like some sort of 'saint', I have, (I need to make that 'have' come across in a different way! lol) so, I HAVE, looked at my 82 year old Dad, and that fantastic bloke's eye's tell me in way's that word's never could 'WE CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU SON!' and it's then when I know, that Dad is simply hanging on in there, on a bed in his front room, just to make sure, that I stay strong enough to beat my addictions, so that my Mum, who he loves so much, will have me there to take care of her just as she has done for me and Dad so well, back when she could! Soz folks x Trev (getting a bit soppy again! lol) Image
Hi Trev,

Not really got much in the way of advice (there is plenty of the good sort already given here) but if you need someone to moan at I could be free for a drink (tea or coffee natch!). I'm just the other side of the M1 in Derby and feel sure we could make a few minutes to get together and see who has the biggest burden. I think you win that one.

Drop me a PM if you fancy a meet up.