Hey guys - time for me to log in and fire my latest query at you all. Whatever - I hope you're all doing well - happy sunny (coldish) Sunday to everyone!
Mum finally went out with her Invacare Power Wheelchair (the remote control is numbered REM 24 SD). It seems quite handy - I wouldn't like to try to lift it on and off kerbs though.
After lunch (we dined out today) as I was manoeuvring it up the ramp onto the Peugeot, it jammed. It was halfway through the doorway. Later when it was time to get reverse it out - it was still reluctant to start. (I probably will have to become very familiar with the user guide - or, at least, the trouble shooting section.) I flipped various levers up and down until it decided to co-operate.
Are these things temperamental? I'll be grateful of any tips.