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Not looking forward.... - Carers UK Forum

Not looking forward....

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Tomorrow I am taking oh to doctors to start looking into memory loss and other behaviour which seems like the beginning of dementia, although obviously this is only a guess on my part as yet. he doesn't know why he's going, thinks it's for a review.
it seemed the best course when you look at his heavy drinking and denial of his considerable mobility problems.Anyone else been down this route and how did it turn out. Really don't want to do it this way but it seems the only one to me.
Roll on Monday pm, will be done by then

I've also posted this on demetia board, maybe someone will be willing to shsre their experience
I was lucky with mum in as much as although my dad was in denial there was anything wrong I was able to see their GP as a visiting patient and had taken along a list of things I had noticed over the years which made me suspect dementia.

Mum was assessed without her even realising it, at home, and the CPN who visited was referred to by mum as the "nutty nurse who sees your dad".

I hope you have written down some information for the doctor, even if you just keep it in a pocket until after the consultation then say as you are leaving.........."If you find time to read this I would be grateful" Put your phone number on it and hopefully the doctor will phone you to discuss your worries.

Hope all goes well for you both.

Take care
thanks Meg, I was hoping you had a suggestion. I have written to the doctor in advance to tell her why I was finally managing to get him in. Should have thought of putting down in that some of the odd things.
I will follow your advice though, I've spoken to the doctor twice about this but she said there's nothing to do unless he comes in.Whehtre it will achieve anything I don't know you can but try.
If you aren`t satisfied with the result of tomorrow`s consultation there is nothing to stop you seeing the doctor alone and telling him/her as it is as a concerned "carer". Under the data protection act and patient confidentiality rules they are not allowed to discuss the patient without his/her prior consent, but they have a duty of care to consider and must listen to you and any relevant medical facts you can support your case with.

Good luck

Take care
We went down the same route to get Mum diagnosed - initially she saw her GP who already had an inkling of what was going on from when he saw her after she had been discharged from hospital following a knee op.

The outcome of that visit was that he referred her to a Geriatric Pyschiatrist who visited her for an assessment at home - again Mum thought it was just a follow up to her previous appointment. The psychiatrist (or memory man as we now call him) was wonderful with her - she had no idea that she was being assessed for dementia.

He prescribed Aricept, although she had no idea what it was for, she was happy to take it as the Doctor had prescribed it and "Doctor knows best".

It was at least another year before anyone used the 'D' word in her hearing and by then she was past retaining the information so it still hasn't really registered with her.
thank you meg, source of really useful stuff. I think the gp will probably be helpful because she is mine as well so getting her to see my side and to share info re his health hasn't been a problem so far.

Thank you susieq, its the most helpful thing to have people who know and are willing to share that make life so much easier.

I owe a lot of people on this forum a thank you- two weeks a go I felt very alone and no idea which way to turn but now at least i know I am not the only one and that far from being the worst person on the planet oh is 'normal' in many respects!!
Let us know how you get on lostforever.
My hubbys GP Keeps an eye on him as he several alcohol related health problems and she has been concerned for a while that dementia may be on the cards at some point. Fortunatly it seems to have missed him
Hello Image

No advice from me today. Just my good wishes and I hope tomorrow goes well for you.

Take care,