break away even for a day,

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When these places state that they have disabled rooms does that mean that they just have wider doors or do they have what we need such as ceiling hoists, electric profiling beds, shower chairs etc?

We usually go self catering as I don't know of any hotels etc which would provide the facilities we need. Plus its so expensive that we have had one holiday in 5 years (our trip to York this year).

a couple of years ago, when hubby was more mobile, we booked a disabled room in a travel lodge while we attending a wedding. It had one single bed, to allow room for a wheelchair, and a pull out sofa for the other bed.- which, when pulled out meant that you couldn't get a wheelchair in!
The manager's solution? - I could sleep in the room across the hall at no extra charge!
Suffice to say I refused, saying hubby couldn't sleep on his own and I was not prepared to sleep with the doors open so I could hear him, and maybe flit around in my nightie!
After phoning the central booking office we were given a room in a hotel which did have an adequate sized room - at no extra charge - and it was a great hotel.
Our new shopping centre Liverpool one have adult changing facility's The toilets have an electric hoist and adjustable table. Image
Image ive found,on occasion,a guest house offers very freindly service,very good on price,and carer and caree can relax ,in a nice setting.have any of you enjoyed a guest house break?.


i used to take amy to pontins , camber sands, they where cheap, cleaninsh (i had to clean iit all b4 i unpacked though) and the bus route to folkstone runs straight pass. (i lived in kent , went on holiday out of kent to travel to folkstone which is in kent?!?!?lol)

The entertainment wasnt to shabby either and when i got rahter sozzled with another family i t was easy to get amys large buggy in through the door .

Although october it was chilly it was wonderful (lazydaisy would have loved it!)
Our break away for the day - sometimes for a weekend

is up at 4 or 5 am on Sunday morning, pack our bags and travel to were ever the next road race is

it could be 10 miles away - it might be 200 miles away

it might be a 10k, half marathon, 20 miler, or a full 26.2 miler on country lanes of blood sweat and tears -

The race may be 100 runners strong, it may be 12,000 strong

up and down, up and down, the hillier it gets, then you know the old saying

" When the going gets tough "

" well, thats when I get going " Image Image Image

but it does us the world of good
god mick i saw the word road race and thought-- ISLE OF MAN TT! lol lol

i have bikes on the brain most of the time lol lol

My idea now of getting away is goingwith amy to me mum and dads next weekend
We are going to Pontins at Southport the week of 14th September. It`s a carer break with free accommodation and bedlinen. Need to take own towels and electric meter money and own food, but intend to use it as a base for days out to visit relatives south of the border. Fuel hike of 2pence a litre has eaten into the budget, but we will manage somehow to enjoy ourselves.

Take care