break away even for a day,

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now when it all gets too much,me and my caree,at some expence,do a short city break.just got back from a couple of days of retail therapy in manchester,superb.

many hotels levey that most unfair tax on the carer or single traveller,the single room supplement,your taxed by the hotel for being a single occupant.

i wont stay at any hotels which apply it.cuk should bouycot any who do.lets have a cuk rough guide to hotels.ill start by praising the ibis chain.affordable,full disabled access,they even let me bring my dog at no extra charge,my caree loved the disabled-freindly shower.lovelly,simple it should be too.,:x we carers cant get a break with ease,it often needs a host of planning,thought and care,to even get a break at all.
so we want a fair price and fair service.all hail ibis for both.

any forum readers have ideas.
Ibis hotels? I've stayed in a few over a number of years - sometimes for a charity I was a trustee of when meetings ran over more than one day. Ibis hotels cost around the same as a Travelodge. The rooms are ok and the breakfasts just about do but the other food leaves a lasting negative impression! Stayed in one in France with friends: the manager told us "we've 'ad a little trouble with ze chicken." I'll say!

But you're right about trying to take a break. It's important to try something different - and it doesn't have to be costly.
I'd love a day away and have been trying to sort something out so that I can go visit some friends in Folkestone, but it's proving to be very difficult to arrange as Mum gets very antsy when I'm not around and can't/won't understand why I need a day away on my own.
24 hours each and every day carers work.365 days each year.teachers,politicians,judges etc get long summer breaks and they dont need to move mountains to do so.carers do.they need to make various arrangments just to get a break at all.even a few days.we all need a break on re-charge.just to try to stay i do respect my fellow carers need to,as i do,and get the odd break.sure,ibis hotels aint grand,but they deliver a good basic carer-friendly service.well,so i found.which was all i wanted,all i sought.just so my caree and i could,recharge.on that basis,we felt,ibis delivered for us.

I am a fan of youth hostels, all the larger ones have disabled facilities too, and their prices are great. Sure you might end up sharing a bunkroom with a few Aussie backpackers, but that can be a laugh and most hostellers are really nice people.
youth hostels are really fun.oh the stories i could tell about em.yes,great value,culturally fun.all round they are very good places to stay at. Image
Many of the motel chains are having a price war at the moment with rooms as little as 19 pounds per night if booked a little in advance. try Travelodge for a start. I just got a family room for Me an Hubby, daughter and little step grandson for 36 pounds when we go to pick future son in law up from his army training and thats down south so quite a bargain.
oh yes,lots of offers go for it. Image
We regularly use Travelodge at £19 for a disabled room it can`t be beaten on price and service. Need to book three weeks in advance, but it gives us something to look forward to.
I just wish i could have a "DAY OFF" now and again since 1997 ive had 5 weeks "on my own" if we have a break its premiere inn`s rooms good, food good parking if you negotiate you may get it free i do.