Water Bills : Anyone On A Soakaway And Not A Drain ?

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An interesting article , essential reading for any reader on a soakaway , usually found on estates :

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/a ... arges.html

For once , I'll put myself on a commission for this one ... say 10% of monies recovered ?

I'll even split that 50/50 with any reader knowing another carer with a soakaway !!!

Forgot the old VAT on top. That will find it's way to the Government ... eventually ?
More guidance , this time from the Ofwat Site :

http://www.ofwat.gov.uk/households/your ... rdrainage/

Ofwat ? Government watchdog for the water sector.

Again , please pass this information on to any other carers who may have a soakaway instead of a drain !
Slightly old but worth posting to keep this Thread near to the top :

http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liv ... l-11997162

Pensioner's anger over water bill mix-up

Alan Boon has been paying for a service he didn't need for decades

How many hundred of thousands are still in ignorance ?

How many are those are carers ?

Advice again .... PLEASE pass on this information to anyone who may be affected.
I've got a septic tank, my water bill is reduced further as nothing goes into the system at all - because there are no sewers where I live.
Some years ago we received a letter from the company that handles our sewerage, stating that we were getting a rebate. We had been charged at the full rate, but the company had discovered that the houses in our road were built with soakaways for surface water. The letter bore a complicated set of calculations over the past several years.

Unfortunately we were not able to take advantage of this. For our house, a bungalow, I had found that the three fall pipes were not adequate to cope with water from the roof guttering, following an extension built by the previous owner. I had therefore installed an extra fall pipe discharging into a sewer drain. I had to explain to the company that because of this we were not entitled to the rebate. A further letter followed with more complicated calculations rescinding the rebate previously offered.

I don't know that this has much to do with caring, but the subject has been raised and this is my experience, which may help to explain how things work.
Thanks Denise ... your input may help others !

Anyone in doubt should check !
Just a brief article I spotted in my trawls through the Internet ... from Ireland , and how they are managing , with reference to our Soakaway scheme mentioned towards the middle :

https://www.irishtimes.com/news/consume ... -1.2145939

In Britain, consumers can get a rebate on their water charges if they divert rainwater from their property into a “soakaway” instead of paying for their water company to treat it.

Asked if it has any plans to offer a similar reduction to consumers here Irish Water says that “there are no plans in place to introduce this, as the model in Ireland is based on an equivalent cost being charged for water in as for water out. Therefore there is no charge for rainwater as it will not enter the water supply in the property.”

But rainwater harvesting could make real economic sense soon as some 50 per cent of what we use doesn’t need to be drinkable. It’s estimated that we currently flush away 30 per cent of our water, use another 13 per cent for washing clothes and 7 per cent to clean cars. Rainwater harvesting means the free water falling on the roof is channelled via the existing gutters and down pipe to a filter which removes leaf litter and other debris before diverting the water into a storage tank.

Soakaways ..... barely covered by our press over here.

When one looks around at the numerous estates in the UK , one wonders just how many of our fellow carers and carees are still paying full whack to their water company despite being on a soakaway scheme ?
Shared septic tank and soakaway here , actually saves a small fortune in sewage bills etc.
Nothing recent in the news but worth bringing this thread back to the front.

Not many readers will be affected but ... how many of our fellow family carers are living in properties with soakaways ... especially those in tower blocks and rural areas ???
In my area the sewage costs are much higher than the water costs! I guess that's fair enough - sewage being more expensive to treat and dispose of. That said, of course, we really, as a nation (and the whole world!) need to start seeing sewage as a RESOURCE, and make some decent fertiliser out of it!

We ought to start CHARGING collectors to buy it off us!!!!!!