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brachial plexus

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does anyone know if there is a web site for people with this condition ? thanks
Morning Ellie,

Take a look at these to see if any use to you.


http://www.tbpi-group.org/ this is their forum

x x x
thanks but no joy on that link
What sort of thing are you looking for Ellie.If you give me a few more details I will try again.

If too personal to type here, send me a pm.
looking for organisations that might be able to help us to find info out on bp and maybe a forum to chat to other people who have it, cant seem to find any support groups on the net and we have nothing at all locally
Hi again Ellie,

I have used google to try get you some information but there are so many links coming up and not sure which ones of any use.

It may take you a while but maybe best if you go through them yourself rather than me keep posting loads of links here.

In google I just typed in what you said.. 'brachial plexus'
There are descriptions there,treatments,therapy etc.Hope its what you're looking for.


Finding support for conditions can be so hard.

found this link




Not too sure if this is related to a child with the condition? If so perhaps

contact a family http://www.cafamily.org.uk/

could help? Even if it is not for a child they might still help as they might know of people who would also be hapy to chat/make up a group etc

Hope this helps.

thanks for your help it isnt for a child its for my partner but will have a look to see if there are any links thanks ellie
this might sound really daft but how do i get on to google, im new to this computer stuff!!!!!!!!!!