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boys more likely to have SEN needs - Carers UK Forum

boys more likely to have SEN needs

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do you agree with the recent study by Ofsted that says boys are more likely yo have SEN needs than girls?
read our news story and let us know what you think

I think they are more likely to be identified as having needs.

I heard the other day that some students are being told that girls don't get autism Image
I think it's the ratio Charles can't remember now but something like 4 boys to every girl diagnosed with autism. There is some science out there as to why this is the case for autism and lots to specualte as to why it should be for other SEN.
It seems though that boys are being labelled as SEN for things like behaviour, lack of progress etc, the problem is the budget as it impacts on all those children with disabilities which will be life long and now have less funds to go round, having said that if the Country was rolling in money, no deficit, I still don't think they would spend much of it on disabled kids education especially LD's.
We get that as well - girls don't get Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Excuse me it is rare but yes they do. It all depends on the X-inactivation level. My GP doesn't beleive in manifesting carriers (which I am) I tried to give him the literature and he said he didn't have time to look at it as he had too many patients. Why would my neurologist, cardioligist and respiratory consultant see me regularly if there is nothing wrong with me? Its not for the benefit of my scintillating conversation thats for sure Image

There's no scientific basis to the 4:1 ratio for autism. Different studies produced wildly different results and a conference earlier this year on the subject suggested a massive under diagnosis among females.

I'd be very surprised if the same prejudices weren't present in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. After all, I've heard professionals say that people with Downs can't have autism.

They can. In fact they're statistically more likely to have it.
Charles I should have said "studies" rather than science, but in any case it's not really about girls escaping SEN label completely just that there are more boys, this is certainly borne out in all the schools my children have been in.
The SLD school youngest attends is predominantly boys, no girls at all in his high needs class, and older son has only a handful of girls in the entire school which is also a special school but even when he was in mainstream these past 10 years all the SEN groups for literacy were all boys and the same for the anger management group, the dyspraxic group etc.
That sounds like a whole load of help in mainstream so need to put the record straight and say that all these groups were pretty much rubbish and mostly was delivered by unqualified classroom assistants who didn't have a clue.
My oldest leaves school next Summer and you would never think he had spent a day in school,he has no behaviour problems at all so that excuse doesn't stand up in his case and he was always eager and willing but there was no expertise out there at all, actually there was no anything other than childminding both in mainstream and special.
Wandred off topic but I suppose if there are more boys than girls with SEN then perhaps it would be some kind of clue, testosterone perhaps, but it wouldn't make any difference to provision, half of nothing is still nothing and double zero is still zero.