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Bought things from feeling low - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Bought things from feeling low

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Whats this scatch and dent comet site Marie? I need a new tumble dryer
i think we need a link for that,, sounds a good idea (would they trade in my knackered oven for a not so knackered one?)
Well me tumble dryer goes in a cupboard under the stairs so dont care if its scratched or dented as long as it works Image

Have just tried googling pixie but cant find it
I think this might be it:
No probs guys, here's the Comet site:


and that lovely shoe place]http://www.discountshoestore.co.uk/[/url]

It's a nice company, all the items came individually rapped in tissue paper with love heart stickers and it said on the boxes...love your shoes!!! Image Image Image

Go bag some bargains! Image
Take a look at their bags and accessories as I got a hat and scarf set for £2.50 and it's oh so cosy, cosy!
marie x
ive gotta go grab madam from school bus but i think after my abth 2night thats my plan to go on them,, i tried to google and got nothing either

thank u marie!!!! u r a lil star!
Thanks Image
Cheers, will have to take a little look at that shoe place Image
Cheers, shoe link is brilliant.
We've become very tight, but more because we're very poor and I am notoriously bad at keeping hold of money if there are shiney things about. J is just the same, with eBay, she has little else to do but browse it all day.

I'm still wearing the tesco value clothes I had years ago. I've put on weight again in the last couple of years from not doing anything other than caring, so all my old clothes fit once more and the few decent ones I had are all too small. The only things I buy now are trousers because the cheap jeans keep splitting at the seams after about 6 months.

Mindm once we have paid the bills and stuff there isn't much left anyway. We're giving up our motability car in March ebcause we can't afford the payment on a new one. To get a replacement for our current one the payment has gone up from £90 to £650!