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Bought things from feeling low - Carers UK Forum

Bought things from feeling low

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How many of you have felt really quite low in yourselves with the same routine (because you are only human), gone to the shops bought something to cheer yourself up, then regreted it, because you couldn't really afford it.
I went out the other day, bought a new phone for myself, halfway down the road, I felt so guilty what I had bought, when the money could have gone on a better cause, I ended up taking it back, got a refund, then felt even worse than I did in the first place. Image
Mark, I always feel guilty spending money on myself. Even as a kid I hardly had any money and would save like mad for something I thought I desperatly needed. Then when I'd got it, it just seemed to loose it importants and I wished I'd kept on saving! My old man used to call me 'Sheenie' whoever that was 'Scrooges' mate I think? Image The worst thing was buying clothes. All my mates seemed to get real 'with it' gear but I've always been rubbish at it and felt really depressed after a shopping spree as the clobber I'd bought just wasn't right somehow and to make it worse, now I was scint again! Image

I get mocked with my clothes, most of my clothes are either charity shop, hand downs from my brother or over 3 years old. the last thing I bought new was 2 pairs of trousers about 14 months ago. I simply cant afford new clothes I've got enough clothes to keep me warm.
I always feel guility about throwing away food, It's very hard because Sarah doesnt eat a lot but I always seem to cook her too much.

As you may know my laptop is unwell, I told my friend and he suggested me to get a new one Image I'd rather pay £100 to fix it for a while instead of paying £350+ for something I know will cost me money further down the line.

My friends from uni are going on a 'shopping splurge' at Cabot Circus (new shopping centre in Bristol) I've been invited but I only go shopping when there's something practical for both of us to buy.

I've never been one for money I dont feel having a lot of money is a necessity for having a decent life, all i want is just enough money to give me, Sarah, the cat and possible Children a good home. the job I want with my law degree is moderately paid, a lot of people have a stereotypical view that barristers rake it in but those who work in criminal law (defence or prosecution) earn quite a lot less compared to commercial barristers. Back at my parents home I had one uneducated oaf saying 'I bet you're only going into criminal law so you can make lots money defending scroates, murderers and peados' He was embarrassed when I pointed out that most defendants have very little money to afford lawyers which is why they earn very little compared to other barristers Image
I've never been good at spending money on myself, but I will buy other people things even if I can't afford it. I don't think it's guilt, I think I'm too tight to spend money and I'm not a very good shopper either Image
The best part about being a Painter & Decorator, is that you get to meet and work for people and places from all walks of life. I know for sure Alex, that criminal law is the poorest paid and for defending the sadest kind of person in most cases. I've worked for both types of Barrister. The richest one who lived in a beautiful old world farm house in the cotswolds, Had a chauffer driven Rolls Royce and only took on cases for the big companys like, the car giants, bus companys, water authorities, well off councils etc. He wanted his barn converted into a playhouse for his two boys, but reckoned he couldn't afford it at present. He told us, "If I win my case today I should be able to give you the go ahead." We watched him driven off by Alan his chauffer and carried on with the job in hand. By lunch time, he was back. Case won. He jumped out of his Roller and shouted to us, "CARRY ON WITH THE BARN LADS, JUST WON ME CASE, £10,000 IN THE COFFERS!" This was 1974. Imagine what he'd have made today!
We did some work in his study. On his desk was a Jack-in-a Box. Now my business partner Jim, was a nosey sod. He always had to go poking his nose in were he shouldn't. He picked up the box, me telling him as usual to leave it alone and to mind his own business. But no. He flicked the latch and BANG! Out jumped Judge Jefferies, the hanging Judge. Frightened the living daylights out of us both. It was horrible, it had the most evil face. Definately not a toy.
We had one hell of a job getting him back in his box. It must have been a good 18 inches of spring to compress, took both of us. Didn't stop my nosey mate in the future though. But thats another story.

Bet it cured your mate's constipation, Pete! Image Image
I know what you mean Alex.

When I was nursing, I didn't make a fortune, but it was enough to give us a reasonable income, the holidays were good, (7weeks, which was 5 weeks plus 10 days bank holidays), so over the summer months our family could go out for picnics,and the children were able to do childrens activities.

All I want from life is enough money to get by from day-to-day.
Since i am so tight anyway i don't spend cash.
Unless its essentials like the motorbike Image
When i was working thats upto 1997 i had no problems re spending money i had dozens of long haul holidays U.S.A. twice a year 18 times altogether ( they wont even let me in now ?) Australia , all over Russia even tried to sort out the problems in CUBA new car every year honest no kidding all the latest stuff was mine, mine all mine but when i gave up work i had no problem re no more spending however i do spend money or should say what money i have on LAURA and other members of the family but for myself nowt and it does not bother me at all Image
Im a bargain buy shopper! Image

I buy jeans & T-shirts from asda and tesco for a few quid and nice cheap and cheerful stuff from Primani or Pradamark alternatively known as...Primark! Image
I love it there and pick up lots of sale items. Image

Household electrics come online from scratch and dent comet.
I found them through my friend Google!! Image
I got my washing machine for £75 + £25 delivery and my dryer was around the same! Both had a teenie-weenie scratch on their side Image
At that price, I'm not fussed about that! Image

My latest find is an online shoe shop that's really cheap!!!
I got 3 pairs of boots and 2 pairs of trainers and a pair of shoes for £28.50
It's a lot to put out at the one time but for all that lot..they'll do me all year!

I think it's 'cause I've been caring so long, htere's never been a lot of money around so I've had to learn how to cut the corners!
I do buy some things from second hand shops as I like a wee 'pruck' aboot but sometimes find they're dearer than Primani and Asda sale stuff!

marie x