Both me and my husband are full time carer for my mum

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Hope to get a reply asap if possible - I get carers allowance but i don't drive and my husband is carer for my mum we share load - can he claim carers allowance also if not can he be officially recognised as a carer ?

Only one person can claim Carers Allowance for one caree. There are other options though. How old are you, what is wrong with mum, how old is she? Does she have over £23,000 in savings?
Hello thank you for the reply- I'm 53 my mum is 84 and she is a cancer survivor and has other health problems and is in a wheelchair but can move about the house . She doesn't have savings over 23,000
In that case, have you asked Social Services to do a "Needs Assessment" for mum and a Carers Assessment for you and your OH? Once this is complete and accurate, Social Services will work out what care they think mum needs, and how much it would cost. Then mum can choose whether to employ you or not, with the money SSD give her. It's called "Direct Payments". Is mum claiming Attendance Allowance?
In reference to part 2 of your question J then contacting SW and getting a carer support plan done for your hubby would be recognising him as a full time carer?

(Although in practical terms all I get out it is being able use my LA leisure facilities for 50p... :dry:)
The issue of recognisedcarer crops up periodically. It depends on who you need to be recognised by? With 168 hours a week, and two carers giving 35 hours care, there are still many hours uncovered.