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relieving boredom

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My Mum who lives with me is having a knee replacement in March. At present she has become less and less mobile, cant concentrate on the tele and cant read that much cause she needs her eyes retested. She wont go to the optician as she does not want to walk ( because of the pain). She has recently had a tooth out and it dominated her life for 10 days, obviously giving her something to focus on. Has anyone any hobby ideas, I feel if I can get her interested in something positive it will help her through the coming surgery. She has never been one for hobbies so I am at a loss for ideas. She is happy to do things if I/or a family member takes her but wont do anything on her own, usually saying its her health that prevents her.

It would be a good idea to get you mum some new glasses before she has her operation. I've had both knees replaced, TV was my saviour. I'm usually keen on needlework and reading but didn't sew for about 3 months. It's a very tiring operation, so don't worry if mum doesn't have much energy, and she might not have much of an appetite either. Yoghurts and Cup a Soup were my staple diet for a few days, and I usually enjoy food. As her carer, it's really important that she does her exercises to bend the knee. It will hurt a bit, because you need to stretch the scar tissue so that it doesn't over heal. I would recommend a site called BoneSmart, various people details their progress. I had my second knee done 3 months ago, now I can walk around pain free again, absolutely wonderful. It still swells up a bit in the evening - make sure mum has some comfortable track suit type trousers with baggy legs. Mum will probably wake in the middle of the night, then want to move around to get the knee comfortable before dozing off again. I had a tray with kettle, milk etc. in my bedroom, then I could have tea, biscuits and pills without disturbing the rest of the house. There will be moments when mum will say Why did I have this done? in the early days, but just keep telling her it will be wonderful soon....as long as she does her exercises! Hope that helps. Jill
Hi Jackie, it is possible to have an eye test done at home. Alternatively you could hire a wheelchair (Red cross/ St John's ambulance/ some disability shops) to take her. Having her eyes tested would really improve her quality of life. Does she listen to the radio? Or like talking books? If she had a wheelchair she could maybe attend an older persons luncheon club. When I had my hip replaced I hired a mobility scooter until I was more mobile again - it made a massive difference. Have you checked out what is on the local library. A lot of my other ideas do rely on functional eye sight ... so getting her that eye test would be a good start.

Local theatre and concerts are great, professional or amateur: go see every play and concert you can. If it is really dire you can always leave at the interval, but that is fairly rare.
Unfortunately, sitting in a theatre is going to be very uncomfortable indeed for a few months after a knee replacement - I find a seat always hurts the muscles behind the knee. Not helped by the fact it's had a big tourniquet round it! Three months after my knee replacement I'm a real fidget!
An ereader is good if you like to read but find the print in paper books too small as you can make the print size bigger (mine has 4 different font sizes and also different font styles). With my Binatone one it comes with a backlit screen, a leatherette case to keep it in and you can also watch films and listen to music on it.

Good luck with finding something your mum would like.

That's a good idea, my photos are sat forlornly waiting for me to have a spare moment (week!) to sort them out too.
Have you thought about audio books for your Mum? There is something quite soothing about being read to.

The photos are a great idea - how about creating a scrapbook together? Perhaps you could include the story of the photo alongside the actual photo - most people love a trip down memory lane & it is a work in progress to show the visitors.

How about cross stitch? I know you've mentioned eyesight problems but you can get magnifying glasses which rest on your chest & don't cost a lot.
I think my mum would like talking books, many thanks for the idea. Jill
Thanks, got mum to optician today. Unfortunately one of her eyes needs laser treatment where there is a problem with the replacement lens ( from her cataract op), the other eye is fine. She's going on the nhs list but I doubt if it will be done before her knee. Am dispairing a bit as she wont to photo's, does'nt like audiobooks and says she's happy to just look out of the window at the birds. Am going to see her gp to explain my fears and worries post knee op be interested to her her views.