boiler problems

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hi we had a boiler and radiators fitted by eaga through a goverment grant around 8 years ago they no longer service the boiler ..and we are now having problems with the downstairs radiators as only one out of the three there anywhere we can get a free service or repair as we are on dla and income support as to call a plumber in would cost us money we just dont have..any advice would be of bebefit to us...many thanks
have you tried ring your local council to see if they know of anyone who can give you a grant for this type of thing, i know ours do grant to help the up keep of the house, and heating is essential this time of year and boilers all year, its typical it always when its cold the boiler goes. hopefully someone might know a bit more, Take care (((((((HUGS)))))))
Hi, there are a couple of things you can check yourself, is the pipework to the rad warm or hot, if so, its probaly air in the system, on the top of the rad at the side should be a little valve, get a rag and a flat headed screwdriver if you do not have the key, slowly undo the valve a couple of turns, if air comes out wait till water comes then close the valve. Be carefull as the water will be hot. The other problem could be a build up of sludge and rust.This will need the whole system flushing, some boilers you have to top up the water level yourself, have you done this.
I have not heard of any schemes, what you could try, is phoning a couple of plumbing companys and ask, if you don't ask you don't get.
I guess its a gas boiler, if so, then no matter what, get it serviced, if need be you could apply for a budgeting loan, but no matter what, gas is dangerous, and to many people die because of unserviced gas appliances, carbon monoxide is a silent killer, and to many people find that out to late. Good luck, let us know how you get on.
hi i have bled the rdiators that are not working and this hasnt solved the problem just seems odd that the two upsatirs are working but the three downstairs arent
hi i have bled the rdiators that are not working and this hasnt solved the problem just seems odd that the two upsatirs are working but the three downstairs arent
That sounds like a blokage in the pipes, when you bled the rads did water come out under presure, or just a trickle, if just a trickle, then its blockage or pump not working properly, or not enough water in the system, what is the make and model of the boiler.
its a valiant turbo the boilers make......yes water came out when i bled them it was a good flow of water not a trickle if that helps any ideas?
It could be that the water pressure in the boiler is low and someone needs to just open a tap and let some more water into the boiler / system. There is often a pressure gauge on the boiler, or under a cover, that goes from red ( too low ) up to green. It should be just in the green I think. It goes down over time as bits leak out. I usually get a bit more water in ours once a year or so, but have to remove a panel of tiles to get at the water tap. Last time the plumber came he showed me how to do it...... I tend to leave well alone otherwise !

hi robert i have tried that too the water level is in the green and checked it today to make sure it hadnt dropped into the red there must be a blockage like you suggest but if anyone else has any input on how to try and sort it then please feel free to drop a line or two ...cheers
Hi, if the gauge is in the green, then you can rule out low water pressure, that leaves air some where in the system or blockage or pump.
1) is the boiler up stairs or downstairs.
2) what radiators does it serve first, upstairs or down stairs.
3) when you say water comes out the rad, is it because the boiler upstairs,? is supplying water by gravity rather than pump.
4) so, where is the boiler,
1.yes the boiler is upstairs
2. it serves the two radiators upstiars first as the are hot
3water only comes out of the downstairs rads when i bleed them and are supplied by water coming down pipes to them
and one radiatotrs downstairs gets slightly warm
does this hep