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Blue Badge Scheme To Be Extended To " Hidden " Disabilities - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Blue Badge Scheme To Be Extended To " Hidden " Disabilities

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Melly, would it be worth asking your GP to write to those who issue the Blue Badges?
My GP did that and told them why I needed one even though you would not think so from any outward appearances ( except grimacing with pain! :) )
They gave me one and it's an enormous help.
Try it?
I was challenged just because I was driving a Discovery!
I am so excited about this! My Mum has dementia and getting her safely across car parks etc with my two kids in tow can be a major stress! Particularly if I need to go and pay at the machine as she some times thinks I've abandoned her if there is a long walk. At busy times I often don't take her out as I can't face it. This will make a major difference to us.
Be wary ... each LA can have it's own views as to who gets a badge ( Street name still " Blue Peter " ? ) ... earlier posting
... yet another post code lottery :
But despite the new criteria, local authorities will still have the final say on who does and does not qualify.

That village five miles north of me ... two with identical situations ... one on the north side gets theirs from South Yorkshire ,
the one across the road on the south side has their's refused by Nottinghamshire ?

Just like the national lottery , always more losers than winners ?
Oh dear , a right old feeding frenzy over at the Daily Chuckle :

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/arti ... David.html

I won't post the article ... sure to give offence on here.

Health warning ... if you want to read what some out there think / say , surf on over.

Don't blame me ... it's there if you want to take issue with it.

Have commented... although had to register on the Daily Mail website to do so. I now feel a bit unclean. ;)
Natural feeling after being contaminated when entering the Daily Chuckle's domain.

Betting lass ?

5 times as many DISLIKES than LIKES ... spread bet upwards from that !

A foodbank voucher awaits if I'm wrong !

( A real one ... not one of my specials ... honest ! )
it hasn't even got past the moderation process - lol!
Moderation process ?

( 415 comments ... they're smelling the blood in the water ! )

If this forum had one , none of mine would ever pass ?

Too bleak for the eyes and minds of readers ... as are the issues surrounding caring on a daily basis ?
You owe me that food bank voucher - on more likes than dislikes at the moment, by some miracle - lol!

In all seriousness massivley depressed around the vitriol around the badges. I applied for one for my Dad & found the process in our area pretty robust. Massive long form, loads of ID, letter from consultant and had to reapply every 3 years. and quite rightly so. It didn't feel like a massive perk of having a severly disabled relative, which is how some on the outside seem to view it.