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So, with all the talk on the reforms and the seemingly "being forced into work" I'm thinking of jumping before I'm pushed. The problem I'm having is trying to think of something I can do that doesn't require a credit/debit card, isn't piece work and is a job where I can take my caree and dog to work with me. Any ideas???
Yes, please don't have preconceptions, and think again about piece work/freelance/self employment. Believe you me, it pays very well as long as you pick the right kind of piece work to suit your unique skills and interests.

Why not set up a cash-only dog-walking/grooming business for busy executives .... this seems to meet all your requirements.

(sometimes I think I should charge for all this brilliant business advice, I really do!)
I'm not against piece work myself... it's just that I've done it most of my life (I used to help mum as a child and I did a stint helping a cousin as a teenager) so based on that, I can safely say that there is no way I could find space to store it here.

I've been toying with the idea of going into free lance photography, which is another gift I seem to have aquired from my mum - I only recently discovered she had the talent too, or hand knitting blankets for the disabled, especially in this cold weather we have right now but I'm not sure how I could make either idea pay.

For those that have a credit or debit card, you could open a "shop" on ebay and have a good "spring clean" in time for Christmas - I would if I was able to.
Good old fashioned garage sale, maybe? Or a boot sale?
Mary Poppins lept to mind over this one.

In the Disney movie Ms.Poppins sympathises with banker,ironically,named "Banks",whose children she is Nanny for,that he was "Forced" into taking his children on an outing.

The point is,is work such a rotten thing that anyone feels the very sugestion of it,is a threat?.
Work,Ive allways thought,is what we do?.We,citizens.

Its the very thing that we do.Or are we now at such a point where work can be thought of as "Forced" upon someone?.Is work now akin to conscription,a call-up,allmost some illness,to be avoided?.
I remember the last boot sale I did:- It was 4 days before we got married... I ended up having to try to sell the stuff in his home city on my own while he was in mine attending an appointment with his amputee centre. I ended up under the taupaulin with the stuff we hadn't managed to sell just to keep dry while I waited for him to pick me up - and we never did raise the last of the money we needed to pay for our wedding Lol,

Maxi, I borrowed the being forced into work line from another thread I spotted on a similar subject. In all honesty, both my caree and I were very active people before being disabled and being a carer got in the way - I used to work in an amusement arcade where I had high hopes of becoming a manageress and he owned his own haulage business.

Of course when he lost his leg he lost his licence and thus his livelihood.

For the past 3 years or so, we've been thinking of setting up a business - or a cluster of businesses of our own, we just couldn't agree on exactly how we were going to do this. He's familiar with dealing in scrap metals and auto parts whereas I'm used to shops and being creative.

Trying to push 2 ideas into one doesn't really go very well. Image
He's familiar with dealing in scrap metals and auto parts whereas I'm used to shops and being creative.
Sculptures made from recycled scrap metal?
Jewellery made from broken jewellery, maybe? Gold prices are good, but the people buying up old gold items have a high margin and pay poorly, better to recycle it than melt it down.
im allways very amazed to see how creative people are in terms of trying to make money.carers are very inventive in these terms.