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rainbows and brownies

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Ok the long and short of it is amy has been begging to join for ages ,,
Those that have kiddies or have been them selves is it good? i know the guides do camping and all sorts of things but i dont know any one who goes to rainbows

Im assuming they would HAVE to be dissabled friendly as she will be in her wheel chair again soon,, but im thinking about it as she is very eager but all advice is welcome..
i have left a message but im in a inbetween mood over it, amy tried ballet a couple of years ago and just got left out as the slow lil girl at the back (but i made her carry on going because she looked so cute!!!) she left when she had her first lot of operations and refused point blank to go back with the girls who didnt talk to her
im thinking rainbows would be more sociable though
Take her down to rainbows she will love it Image
thats wot she is saying, im sure u both work in cahoots lol
Dear Pixienubbins

I don't know much about the brownies and rainbows since I have a son but our lad tried the boys brigade and it was a disaster (all that pointless marching - not easy for a boy fighting to stay on his feet). However we found a disabled cub scout pack for him and it was really great.

The disabled scouts however were not very good - it just seemed to exist so that the able bodied scouts could get their their badges for working with the crips (not pc I know but that is the impression we got as they ignored the disabled kids for the most part)

They were supposed to be looking out for the disabled kids but my Robert got injured (he banged the back of his head on the concrete floor) doing wheelies in his sports wheelchair (I know he shouldn't have been doing wheelies but they were supposed to be watching out for him).

Robert could get his wheelchair up on to its back wheels but then he didn't have the muscle strength to hold the chair in place and it just tilted backwards at speed. You would think he would have learned after the first time it happened wouldn't you but no he had to keep on trying it didn't he - boys!!

Plus the place had 6 stairs and we had to lift the wheelchair and son up and down them every week.

Something else we found that Robert still plays to this day is Unihoc which is electric wheelchair hockey - they give no quarter and take no prisoners with that one! He also used to play wheelchair football and the ice rink near us offers manual wheelchair curling - no good for our son as his is a powerchair but I am just trying to think of ideas for you.

I honestly think a lot depends on who runs these things as to how good or otherwise they are - good luck in finding something for Amy.

All the best

let her go and see how she gets on.
as you may or may not be aware i work in a special school and we actually have a pack of brownies[1st Blackburn]that is run as an after school activity on a tuesday afternoon. all the girls have learning disabilities and other associated problems. the brown owl is one of the teachers.
they do most of the badges at there pace. also experience camp. and my driving[im the mini bus driver as well as a support assistant.]LOL

Hi pixie, my little girl attends brownies....google brownies website, hey what about you helping out in the pack .....two birds with one stone and keep ya beedy eye out Image mind you i'l bet amy would like scouts....girls can join Image , i think the website will give you addresses of local packs and also info on accsesability etc ..........let us know how you got on..........mand
Hi Pixienubbins

I am a Rainbow and Brownie leader locally, (Bromley, Kent) so if I can help please let me know. Image

First thing to do is have a word with the Guider in Charge (GiC) as there may be a waiting list, our Rainbow Unit is so full often we cant even get girls in before they are 7 and due to go to Brownies, who also have a long waiting list. Personally when you do speak to the Guider in Charge explain the situation and if your daughter needs help what help does she need and would you or someone she knows be able to go and stay with her? This is really the discretion of the GiC as we are all different and of course you dont know if any of her Rainbows have problems as well.

My daughter has been a Brownie, Guide then left for several years due to illness and is now a Senior Section member in a online Unit and is also a leader with them so can carry on Guiding without having to leave her bedroom. For a while Sarah did attend Brownies as a leader in a power wheelchair and the girls were great and quickly learnt not to stand behind as she could not see them and that they had to go to her for help.

I am a mobility scooter user and do use this at meeting if I have to and again no problems, but of course this depends on the hall that they use.


Pix, I think it sounds like you should go and try it and see how Amy gets on. You'll never know without trying and it might be just the right thing for her.
Good lucky Rainbow Amy,
Blue xx
There's likely to be a waiting list for Rainbows (and for Brownies), so even if you're not sure if your daughter'll definitely want to join and stay, get her name down. AFAIK girls can turn up for a few weeks to see what it's like before they're expected to join properly. It varies from unit to unit, but most Rainbow packs and Brownie packs will try to include any girl who wants to be there. Uniform cost needn't be a problem - a lot of units keep stuff which has been grown out of (but not worn out), and the main thing for Rainbows is just a tabard in the unit colour.

As for activities, they don't go camping - too young. What they do are group activities, encouraging girls to try different things for themselves, games (some educational, others are "just" fun), crafts, maybe swimming, singing/music/drama... It varies from group to group, but if you think of Brownies as being scaled-down Guides, then Rainbows are scaled-down Brownies, with the activities adjusted for their age (including not expecting the younger ones to read & write).

Definitely talk to the Guider In Charge though - it's a help to her if she's told in advance what Amy can do (and any help etc she may need). The waiting list is often long because more Guiders have to work full time these days, the amount of training days the Guide Association requires adult leaders to do every year (even after getting their warrants) has increased a lot since the 1970s, and all this is unpaid. Add in an official retirement age of 60, and you get more Guiders retiring or leaving than are getting their warrants. So units close. Image
ive left a very polite message for our local group as I have no idea where it even is!

In the message i just said I have a 6 yr old who is very eager to join, because at the end of the day she is, when they call back i will hit them with the oh by the way shes a bit wonky and might need help conversation..

Thank u for all your replies, and i was thinking of scouts as well- but she wants to be in a girlie group and said the uniform is better

funny thas why i joined air cadets rather than army or sea- i prefered the uniform like mother like daughter lol