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best of the best.

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My best bit was getting a distinction in my OU course - STILL can't believe I managed it with everything else going on in my life.

Thinking about moving on this year my resolution will be to "smile more". I need to take time to stop and cherish the good stuff again - and hopefully lower my stress levels.
Well done on your OU success.Well done with your very good words too.Very wise.
Yes, thats a fantastic achievement Sylvia, well done indeed!
I've had a very enjoyable 2010 - from the point of view of work, life and holidays - and hope that 2011 is just as much fun and rewarding too. Great chances to travel across the world, dont come often. But you can also let the world come to you, and I've been to some great events too in my own backyard.
One high point was seeing Suzanne Vega (US) live in concert. But I also managed to catch Regina Spektor (Russia/US) live, and she really blew me away - dont miss her if you get the chance. And the Flight of the Conchords (NZ) - absolutely hilarious musical comedy duo, a must see. Plus its been great catching so much quality domestic and Champions League European football at Ibrox and Hampden. And even better that I could do all these fun things with my caree now he is old enough to appreciate them.
Though the last day of Feb 20 11 is my last day in my present job,redundancy then follows,Gosh,I was so glad to be back in harness,at the salt mines again today,first day back.good to be home,allbeit a brief time left.