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My son has severe learning difficulties, non verbal autism and challenging behaviour. He lives in a care home but comes home several times a week.
I am his DWP appointee and today was contacted by his care home about payment for dental surgery. A letter addressed to my son (marked confidential) was opened at the home and I was asked by them to forward confirmation that he was entitled to benefits. I asked for the letter to be sent to me to deal with.The letter was from the NHS Business Services Authority (never heard of it until now!) The letter states that he "signed" (he can't write or give any consent to sign for him) a declaration form confirming he is in receipt of Income Support (he isn't) but Government checks have been unable to confirm this. The bill is for dental treatment £18.80 and a penalty charge of £94.
He is entitled to free treatment because he receives ESA. I tried to contact the BSA but was told they would have to contact the debt collection service and they would ring me within 3 days! I asked if I could contact them in case I missed the call but was told this was impossible.
Has anyone had any dealings with the NHS Business Services Authority? Not really sure what to do.
Just written a long message and it's disappeared!! All you need do is explain that he has SLD and send evidence to show that, as appointee, you deal with your son's finances. If they look for him living at your address, they will find him. I had this problem last year over a free prescription for my own son, it was quickly resolved, so don't worry, it's OK.
Many thanks, I will contact them on Monday