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Good Morning!
Today received a letter from the DWP, informing me that my ESA (income based) will end in the next month, this will mean an end to my carer's premium,my mortgage interest relief in total I will lose just under 50% of my income. I care for my disabled wife, I am suffering from severe depression (long term sick) what do I need to do? As a couple in it is only since February that we have received what we were entitled too, this was with the help of my MP, the payments were backdated to the correct date but this means it ends the 365 day period ends soon, I am still in the ESA assesment phase my wife receives DLA, but it will be impossible to maintain payments to our mortgage company please is their anyone who can advise us in what to do?
You need expert advice

CarersUK helpline details are here

Having just been through something similar I would suggest letting your mortgage company know of your difficulties from the offset. Ours were extremely helpful and give us a 3 month 'holiday' period till money matters were sorted. I did same with council re council tax.

I have found that keeping companies informed all the way along the line sometimes helps.
Morning Rosemary,
Thanks for the reply, the coucil tax is already covered, my mortgage company are aware also, I am just in the dark as to what I am entitled to claim and where to go to obtain the best advice.
motgage companies will help you and be understanding,they just need to know what's going on,are you on interest only,if not it might be an idea till you get sorted the arrears will be less, as rosemary said you need expert advice,the system is so complicated.cab normally have an expert on board as well,i've also found that the jobcentre can help sort most things,i see a chap at ours quite regularly when i'm drowning in confusion,michael has been a god send over the years for me,from council tax to funeral grants and everything in between,owning our houses is like a rope round our necks sometimes,but i'm sure with the right advice it can be sorted
Unless you envisage getting a major rise in income, it might make sense to consider whether you wish to remain an owner-occupier. Could you rent out your property and rent somewhere cheaper? Or simply sell up and claim housing benefit? Reducing outgoings and debt (and mortgages are a debt) is pretty essential if income doesnt meet essential expenditures.