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potential for working, while caring. - Carers UK Forum

potential for working, while caring.

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I am a Carer for my husband and elder on, who have varying disabilities, as well as my younger son who has clinical depression and diabetes.

I have now reached a stage where I feel I will go mad if I do not do something else. My youngest child is now out of education and started on a career, so I do not have to consider parents evenings, transport for her etc.

Social Services make no secret of the fact that I am a nuisance, for standing up for my elder son's rights several times, and this has put me off asking for help several times. Now I wonder if anyone else has attempted successfully to go back to work, after being at home in a caring role,and how they co-ordinate care with work.I could only do part-time anyway,and one thing I am anxious about is that Social services do not say that my youngest child can do the supporting when I am not available.

My husband, being registered blind, would have difficulty getting about if he needed to collect our son from somewhere, as we live in a small rural county, where a car is a necessity.The Visual Impairment Department of Social services refuse to come out at all,the officer picks and chooses where she goes, and we do not have any time or energy for an official complaint, which is what the RNIB suggested and said they would support with.

I do not know whether it will be possble for me to work, but I would love to give it a try. When our eldest son was born with Downs Syndrome, we wanted him to be as independent as possible, and now I wonder if I am standing in the way of him gaining more independence for himself by always being at the end of a phone for his day care support, and not allowing him more freedom, as I am afraid for his safety.

THank you for any advice or information. Image
i have a son of 33 years who is in day care run by social services. he has severe learning difficulties he's about 2 or 3 mentally.he has severe epilepsy and NEAD[non-epileptic attack disorder]where he self induces seizures.he has slight cerabral palsy no speech and is doubly incontinent.
i work as a learning support assistant in a special school and have done for 17 years ,i work9.15 till 3pm 5 days a week and these hours are fitted around day care as school starts at 8.35am and day care i take garry to it as transport cant get to my house on time,then go on to work and i'm back in the house 1/2 hour before he comes in.

because it is a special school they fully appreciate his disabilities so if i have to collect him because of illness etc., they dont have any problems,we came to a deal that if i worked some of my breaks that would cover me time wise this suits both us well.

his dad works longer hours[at the moment.] but his employers have made him aware that he has rights as he is a carer to get flexible time or time of for caring if required.

it was the best thing i ever done i waited untill my 2 younger sons were out of education before i done it.

it has made me into a confident, sometimes pushy person that stands up for herself and dosnt allow others to walk all over her.

hope this helps you