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Benefit fraud

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[quote]smiler wrote]

Why would you?
smiler wrote]

Why would you?
If it was legal, probably. But I wouldn't ever want to be an MP!
I assume that you mean our MPs, Alex Image ? And those who evade tax or use tax loopholes to avoid paying their fair share? Tax evasion costs infinitely more than benefit fraud and is perpetrated by the rich not the poor.
I'm well aware of Tax evasion but that wasn't the point of the thread to begin with. Tax Evasion is completely dispicable and those responsible for it should be punished like those who commit benefit fraud. Any company who are found to have offshore accounts should be 'wound up' and not be able to trade in this country.

I do admit that we hear more of benefit fraud that tax evasion but that's because most large companies are tax evaders Image
Benefit fraud is at a negligible rate - so much so that the government "pads out" the figures by adding official errors to the figure. Even so, as Parsifal says, the issue of how much is saved by fraud investigation is an open question. Most investigations come about via the much-publicised hotline, which has led to a number of my clients going through malicious hoops. One client's Christmas was ruined by a letter arriving in the last pre-Christmas post "inviting" her to an interview "under caution" for she knew not what. The interview would be recorded and the recording "may be used in evidence." All designed to strike fear into her heart, and all beautifully timed to cause the most stress - deliberately or not.

I went to the interview with my client - which they were not happy about but legally had no choice - and sat in. It turned out that someone had made a malicious and unfounded allegation which was easily disproven. A simple telephone call would have been enough. No apology for the stress caused, and no warning for the malicious caller, who tried again on 3 separate occasions, all of which were investigated on the basis of guilty until proven innocent.

And for what?

The vast majority of claims are legitimate.

As for the £22 million saved at a cost of £154 million that Parsifal mentioned, I wonder if the DWP are still using the calculation method they were using in 1994 (when I worked in a Jobcentre). Anyone who is "signed off" benefit for fraud was treated as though the fraud would have continued for at least another 26 weeks. Even if the person has to come back onto benefits during that period. One case I reported was signed off for one week because he'd worked that week only (but not declared it). He signed on again as normal the following week but 26 weeks' worth of savings were counted!

Tax fraud stands at £27 billion and if recovered would fund a massive increase in CA and social care spending that could not be achieved by targeting people on benefit.
Benefit fraud can easily be a big problem. I have been in touch with the Child Benefit Agency regularly since Easter, when my daughter got some part time work, although still a fulltime student. She has recently got another job, permanent, and her student course has come to an end. I am having a huge problem trying to get DSS to sort out our Income Support.Child Benefit stays in place unless she works 24 hours a week, but Income Support rules are different. THe woman that was dealing with us was moved to a different department, after taking away the component for our daughter, which she was then told by her manager, to re-instate, but she did not get round to doing, and a week later when I phoned, she had decided to leave it for the time being, as her manager was off on holiday, and she needed to talk to her.I said that if we were entitled to it, we should have received it prior to that. We have received a giro today, two weeks after it was due, but it is for double the money they are supposed to send us,as they cannot have paid attention to the fact that last week, I infomed them that my daughter has now started to get paid.

Our daughter has apparently been re-instated onto our claim until August, so now we are going to have to sort that out, and we can only do this over the phone or by post, as the "local"office is 50 miles away.Just as we get this sorted out, I expect my daughters hours to have gone up again, and we will have to get Child Benefit stopped, which then changes our claim for Income Support again, as it goes up!I expect it will be sorted out by Christmas! Image
Tax evasion is illegal but tax avoidance is perfectly legal. Image
Unfortunately those of us who have combined DWP and other income are apparently rich enough to pay tax but are not rich enough to pay accountants to help us avoid tax Image . I sometimes wonder if collecting my tax costs more than I actually pay in tax my income is so meagre.
about 6 years ago l was reprted to be earning £2000 perweek at car bootsales.

yes i did do carbootsales to help pay for the upkeep of the car in reality only made pennies but my income support was stopped for six weeks and had to survive on just the carers allowance had it not been for very expensive provi and greenwoods and mums help i would not have survived also have had to use credit cards and overdrafts.

this is for me just basic poverty and each monday at that time pennypinnching there and there.

the dwp are clu clux clan devious bunch who dont give a toss about me or others carers.

ps i dont smoke an drink no money anyway. mps claim what they and as rosemary previous post is shocking reading of the list of mps refused to publiscing their expense account.

nice to be able to shop at john lewis i have to buy second hand at carboot sales or charity for goods for me and my home.

once again no money.

i repeat the dwp are devious and really dont give a toss.

If benefit fraud was really cracked down upon maybe there would be more money for us carers and the genuinely disabled. I would have no hesitation in reporting someone to the authorities ifI thought they were claiming fraudulently!
Damn right!!! that benefit money is for people who genuinely need it not for someone to deicieve the government in order to feed their own personal greed!!
I agree - we should report without fear or hesitation...and lets not forget the old adage]
pour encourager les autres

: in order to encourage the others â€â€
Tax evasion is illegal but tax avoidance is perfectly legal. Image
You're right Gem. I was talking about tax evasion.

But tax avoidance is only possible because there are too many loopholes put there for those with money.

In reality, I wonder how many people rich enough to afford accountants even pay as much as the basic rate of income tax?