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Hello Everyone Advice Needed. - Carers UK Forum

Hello Everyone Advice Needed.

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I know! I only seem to visit the forum when I need help, I'm terrible. Firstly I want to thank everyone who thought about and prayed for my Niece Lily after her traumatic birth in January, she is now coming along very well, we know she will have problems, she has a degree of cerebral palsy in her left side and she still has her NG tube, but she has a good appetite and she is a little smiler, she has the most beautiful big blue eyes you have ever seen. I wish I could work out how to post photo links!

Anyway! This is another problem relating to my daughter Jade, I am just about ready to go psycho on Aberdeen Adult Services [Huh! Services my a--e] Jade has just turned 19 in June leaving her wonderful school much to my anguish. Jade attended Camphill a Rudolph Stiener Community just outside Aberdeen as a day pupil. I thought and hoped Jade would be able to carry on at Camphill, she was offered an extra year called a transition year by Camphill and I hoped she would have that then go on to Camphill's next stage which caters for up to 25 year olds. It's not going to happen now because Aberdeen City Council the most usless bunch of tossing idiots ever elected into office can not find the finances to accomodate Jade's Transition year nor anything else it seems. It now looks as if I may have to manage a young adult who needs structure and routine, on my own, 24/7 362 days a year apart from her once a month stay in respite. The thing that makes me very very angry is that the council ARE funding one of Jade's classmates, she is a residential pupil.

I am at my wits end. A journalist on our local paper has offered her help by doing an article, it wouldn't be my first option but I am running out of options. Can anyone help or advise me, I would be ever so grateful.
I would take the journalist up on his offer, first option or not. a little media pressure can sometimes work wonders.
Is this the shower who overspent their budget by £25M last year?
I think I would move elsewhere!
Hi Excalibur. Yep! That's them, and it's not just my daughter, they are closing day centres and cutting down their services for the elderly, all the easy targets and yes! I did phone my mum the other day and say exactly that. I love living in Aberdeen and I never thought I would have to consider moving.
Have you thought of trying local MP I found mine very helpfull when I had problems with care Image