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Just a few weeks ago we had this young disabled woman seeking permission from the highest court in the land that if she had asistance from her partner if she decided to travel to Switzerland to take her own life he would be free from prosecution the answer was generaly yes he can help in fact the law lords indicated that assisted suicide should / could be legal within the U.K.
Today we have a man who i believe was a carer for his disabled father and legaly held a hand gun, his father was in hospital and his son took into the hospital the hand gun to enable his father to take his own life he has been jailed for 3 years today .
Now was he jailed for the assisted suicide or for the fact that he took in the hand gun after all blowing your brains out in a hospital ward in front of nursing staff is a bit more messy then taking a nice neat little pill .
When the powers that be agree to assisted suicide will they give us a list of methods of taking your own life that will be legal and acceptable.
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