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Absolutley disgusted by this program last night on Channel 4. It appears so called charities are now in charge of assessing if the disabled are fit for work. Suprisingly given they are paid no doubt on the basis of the number of people they identify as fit for work they seem happy to override previous GP determinations. Having had to see my OH go through inspection by a panel of doctors on more than one occassion what was shown on the programme was to say the least superficial.

Whilst no doubt there are people fiegning disability to determine disability on the basis of the interview shown is an absolute travesty.

To suggest Doctors were less inclined to refuse claims is just not true my OH had to undergo several surgery and home based assesments before the doctors decided that she was unlikely to recover from muscular dystrophy (sic) and further inspections were not needed we await a call from one of these "charities" to be reassesed.

Whatever happened to make the goverment think such assesments could be carried out by these people probably a management consultancy report which identified a cost saving don't worry aboiut the distress.
I was appaled by this program, matt wanted to watch it and i got sucked it
how dare she say some one might have a dodgey leg bt they can sit at a desk!!!! i was fuming, my daughter will be able to do wot ever she wants not shoved behind a desk!

And that lad with the bad back-- yeah he can work--- NO, he couldnt bend over, he struggle to sit in one of the office chairs for god sake! but he can do office work

£200 a month wage for working at that "charity" and £300 binus on top for getting peplein to work,

yes their r those that milk it but i foudn that woman rude and I would purposly not find a job to piss her off im afraid,.

I thought she was rather insesititive, and it was to hjer JUST A JOB,, nope, u work in soemthing like to help people not to undermine , which is wot i got the impression, it hought underminded thoses people
although i like it that the lad witht he bad back knows helta skelta-- some very good tuuunage when in the need for a mad dance
Agree absolutley but it was 2000 a month not bad work if you can get it
i ment 2000 lol lol

i didnt like that womans manner at all, i was so discusted,, yet the other lady was making cups of tea and being quite nice..

She gets paid more than matt and his a bus mechanic and he dotn get a bonus like that!
Shaw Trust used to represent and assist people with disabilities, now they pressure people into work using targets and incentive payments, methods discredited in other areas of business - remember the private pensions scandals, the utilities transfer scandals? By blatantly misinforming the programme viewer, for example since IB was introduced over a decade and a half ago, claimants have had to pass independent medical examinations, not simply get their GP to issue a medical certificate, this is not a new system which was introduced with the introduction of ESA, it suggests that far more claimants are not sufficiently sick or disabled to receive out-of-work disability benefits than is the case.

The only thing which lifts my spirits is that the Shaw Trust lost around £3 million running the Pathways to Work programme, with a bit of luck the Benefits Busters will go bust Image .
We all know some people con the state into getting benefits but when they try and get the disabled back to work it`s generaly the honest ill disabled who get put under pressure the whole system stinks take carers uk they constantly talk about "working carers" and help for carers getting back into "paid employmemnt" if the state asked for help in getting carers back into work be it full or part time pound to a penny the likes of carers uk would take up such an offer .
I didnt see the program but when Pat was in hospital having her amputation i had an appointment for a medical check for incapacity benefit.

I asked if it could be rescheduled i was told it was not a valid reason so still had to go the Doctor was a retired one he told me that and i found him very rude he knew i was waiting for my operation which was only week's away and knew how serious the operation was but that made very little difference to him he asked me to do certain movements i told him i wasn't allowed to do them his words were i am going to put down you refused i said do what you have to he did.

After that i had my operation and still had another 2 medical check's that operation saved my life in the end it had to go to a tribunal which found it in my favour.

So i personally wouldn't have any faith in this being carried out by a charity.
I only saw part of the programme. I saw the young fellow with the scar on his back, and am presuming that the op he had was to remove one or more discs, as my husband had in the past. It was successful for my husband at the time, but he was warned never to do heavy physical work again. His back has deteriorated anyway, with more discs causing constant pain and needing constant treatment.(He is in hospital about every 6 weeks for day surgery). If the young man in the programme does have more problems in the future, through being given employment not recommended due to his health needs, then who is to blame?
People with Insulin dependent diabetes cannot drive heavy vehicles or go into the services. That is accepted, so why can't it be accepted that there may be some people and some health problems that don't match a particular job.
I turned the programme to something else in disgust at the blonde haired lady, worrying about not reaching her target.

These are people, with lives, not just numbers.
I had my DD sitting alongside me watching that prog. and she is desperate to find paid employment. She does 3 little voluntary jobs & really enjoys them and I'm told she is a great help. We had Shaw Trust trying to find work for her.

I was surprised about all these targets etc because, apart from our first interview with Shaw Trust, I found them pretty hopeless TBH. I have lost count of the times I've emailed the woman and she hasn't got back to us. We got a form to ask what our opinion of ST was & we said "not impressed". We got 2 more in the post and I binned them both.

Last email I had from ST was saying she feels we would be best speaking to the "Disability Officer" (or some such title) I was SO mad because we had spoken to him about 2 years before and he was the one who put us on to her!! We just go round in circles.

I think that lad on the prog (with the bad back) could work. He didn't seem to be in too much pain kicking a ball around the garden. He could also walk very well. Striding out in fact! Image I'm sure he could drive too.

I will say there are many people out there who could work but don't want to. There's a guy near us, well in his 40's and he has never worked since he left school at 16. He drives, walks, socialises, fixes cars for friends and is never awake before noon.