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Behavioural issues...the "perfect" storm - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Behavioural issues...the "perfect" storm

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Bowlingbun, thank you for that site.

Hubby and I are definitely having a "not-visiting-his-family-in-england" holiday this year, but probably not until October or so, as his work is very summer dominated (he's a gardener) but we've also spoken about having a couple of weekends away before then. That looks full of possibilities.

I meant to say - we have had a verbal and written apology from Scottish Ambulance for the way the initial call handler dealt with our call. The second call was apparently textbook and got the ambulance out to us as soon as he could, but the first call recording shocked even the East of Scotland manager, who rang me personally several times. This initial call handler made so many errors, not just in the "call card" she picked up (she asked "sick person" questions, not "fallen elderly person" questions), but in her manner, her questioning and interrupting of our answers (like she didn't believe us) and her total and utter lack of empathy. I sincerely hope that call handler is now in the queue signing on, because she clearly isn't the right person for a job like that.

Yes, I realise that sounds vindictive, but my Mum lay on the floor three entire hours longer than she had to, because of this one person's inability to do their job properly.
Well done for following this through, then no one else will receive the same inhumane treatment.

I'm only a part time carer, so every so often I can say to my eldest son "I think I deserve a break" and book something last minute. If you prefer self catering, have a look at Sykes Cottages. Out of season, last minute, they do some brilliant offers. I'm not that fussy where I go, as long as it's somewhere different. I live in a cottage in the New Forest, but still need a break occasionally. Sometimes, it's only to remind myself how cosy home is!! I have a real issue with strange showers, could write a book about "Showers I have known". Funniest one was in an ancient hotel on the main road through Perth in Australia. The bathroom faced down the main road, but had NO CURTAINS. Faced with either giving everyone a free show, or having a shower in the dark, I opted for the latter!
Hubby came home from his normal Friday client to tell me they'd offered us free use of their luxury holiday chalet in Kenmore, any time we want it. I can see us having a weekend up there in April. Isn't that kind of them?