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Bedsores and catheter - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Bedsores and catheter

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I used to give my girlfriend, lemon squash and also cranberry juice ,

as well as bladder washouts with optiflo g , good luck x
Thanks Karl.
Thank you all.
Catheter out and removed from my mum at last. Bedsore almost healed and now where if anybody is experienced with is , how to keep that well looked after while mum wears nappies all the time.
I appreciate your advice a lot.
I use Cavilon spray as well.
How mobile is your mother?

My mother has worn incontinence pads for many years now.
As time has gone on, the last 3 years, she has become less mobile.

I would change her pad 5 times a day and I would wash her bottom afterwards with plain water. The care workers would use baby wipes.
It was rare that she got a red bottom, if she did then we would use sprilon or sudacrem, both very good. Srilon available on prescription.

My mother sits down all day in a recliner chair and only gets up when she is taken to the toilet.
I hope that while she is in the care home, that she doesn't develop any pressure sores.
Thanks Christina 17.
I appreciate your information and we are almost in the same situation.
My mum had a bedsore which is almost healing. I am trying to prevent anymore sore, and I use water as well also I try to change her position whenever possible as it is not easy when there is no one else around.
Thank you all
Katy, are you trying to lift mum by yourself?
I can not lift her by myself I wait for someone or she stays in bed or her recliner till her carers come.

But I wish I could I would have changed her more often.
Thanks Boulingban
Now I have a problem with my mum who has dementia falling asleep even during chewing food any ideas pls to keep her awake.
Hello Katy

all I can suggest is that you eat at the same time as Mum (or keep her company whilst she eats) and keep chatting to her ! As the dementia progresses Mum will probably feel less and less like eating/drinking so "little & often" is usually the best way to go.
Thanks Susieq
Very good tips I appreciate your suggestions, will try them.
It is the falling asleep too often that is adding to more the problem.
Any techniques to keep mum awake while she has food in her mouth , I am sort of running out of ideas.

Thanks again.
Thank you all