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Bedsores and catheter - Carers UK Forum

Bedsores and catheter

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Although I am new to this forum I have already gained a lot knowledge and information relating to different situations I am going through.
I am caring for my elderly mother who is her early 80s.
My mum has developed couple of bedsores and all healed except one .the nurses said it was grade 2 and now healing well. This is where I am asking if anyone had similar experience I had a catheter fitted to keep the bedsores dry but the problem is it came out once before and was put back and leaking now and needs to be put back again.
I am worried about it because I have read this catheter can start off infections.
I have read increasing protein intake helps with healing bit due to my mother's eating and swallowing difficulties cause by memory problems is hindering it. I want to ask the doctor to remove the catheter out as I am worrind about its side effects.
Thank you all.
you must flush catheters out with optiflo g , order some at charter healthcare delivery is 14 days approx,
apply cream and silicon plasters if bedsores get bad
a 10mm syringe on the single check valve,will release the water out of the catheter balloon , however you need a district nurse to remove it and reinstall it " officially "
open ended male foley caffeters size 16 are popular as the side slots are big
however they are difficult to replace if your caffeter is superpubic ( in the lower stomach ) and not urethal
you must ask for a district nurse " experienced " in caffeters when a superpubic one needs replacing,
any district nurse worth her salt should be able to replace a or remove urethal one ,
it sounds like yours is urethal which is not normally a problem as long as you flush it ,
however you say it has come out ? balloon was not inflated properly , or it has tore out for some reason,
there may in that case be a trauma/ bleed in the uretha/bladder opening MAKE A GP AWARE OF THIS !
as blood in your bladder is dangerous ............ hope this helps bye ......
Thanks for useful information and advice. I didn't make it clear it didn't actually come out altogether but it started leaking urine out into my mum's pad then it stopped. .I am just waiting for the bedsores to heal to remove it as I worried about of its side effects.
I use Cavilon spray instead a cream called proshield plus for the bedsores, any advice for best cream to use in general and for bedsores as my mum wears nappies other times.
Thanks I am glad to be part of this forum
Our problem is our son has a large bedsore on the side of his head and the ICU nurses don't seem to be able to get rid of it.

I used conotrane cream £5 for 5oog at the chemist lovely stuff
and duoderm plasters or similar ..........

your catheter has bypassed urine from the side of the balloon, this happens , its common,
nothing to worry about , as long as you use pads/nappies as well , as urine increases bedsore size rapidly,

Thanks for all your advice I appreciate it.
Wearing a catherta for almost a month to give a chance the bedsore to heal..but now she has urine infection because of it..doctor told me.
Mum not well at all..taking her tablets with difficulty. My dilemma is shall I keep the catherta for more time or remove it as the bedsore is almost healed.
The urine infection it what's worrying me now.
Thanks again
Talk to the doctor. He is the only one who can decide.

Personally I regret saying yes on behalf of my caree.....but we can only
follow medical advice can't we?

Also, if she has swallow problems do bear in mind the doc may be able to prescribe liquid medications......most can be formulated this way (at a cost of course but most GPS will use discretion when it is the only way of administration acceptable for the patient).
Unfortunately my mum had similar problems. Without a catheter she had fluid retention, with it, she had endless urine infections, ending up with urinary sepsis, loss of her legs, MRSA, nursing home.
I'm afraid that often in/out is the choice like the devil or the deep blue sea. Are you seeing the GP practice Continence Nurse? She should be able to advise and help re keeping everything sterile, washing out, etc. etc. Sadly, it is a problem of old age.
I am going through the same thing with my mother and she has dementia as well and hard to swallow too. I have noticed many things about my mom that she can do like she can do small chores around the house, she can walk pretty well even though she fell in August and broke her right hip and her right arm, and she can talk very coherently. She does not have to wear a catheter right now, but when she was in the hospital she did and she had to wear one about a week or so. They had to flush it in order to prevent infection and they also gave her a higher than normal protein diet as well. They also had to turn my mom every two hours in order to prevent bed sores due to her being bedridden. So, I think the key things to do are the following:
1. Have the catheter flushed out in order to prevent infection and ask the doctor about it.
2. Turn the body every two hours in order to prevent bedsores.
3. Have the doctor tell you what you should do about these important matters.
I wish you the best.
I am very grateful about all your ideas and advice. Each reply I read makes me feel that I am not alone with these kind of problems. It s almost 4 weeks since my mum had the catherta in, I have asked the district nurse to take it out but have been told to talk with my doctor who will refer my mum to urologist at the hospital. As I mentioned in my previous post mum already get urine infection from it now.
Who knows how long we have to wait for an appointment.
Thanks again all of you