It's time we all must care

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It's time we all must care

I was glad to hear Gordon Brown's acknowledgement of the true worth of carers.

For too long they have been the unsung heroes of society, selflessly looking after our young, old and infirm.

An estimated six million of them toil around the clock, day in day out.

Without them, millions would be abandoned to social services care at an enormous cost which the Government would struggle to meet.

Yet their allowance is only £48 aweek. This works out at a measly pittance of about £1.26 an hour for a person caring for 38 hours a week, the minimum needed to qualify, far less than those on Income Support get.

So Prime Minister, spot on for admitting that carers have been badly let down. But words come cheap. It's time for you to put your money where your mouth is.

At the very least you need to give them a realistic amount to help make their lives a little bit easier, a little more bearable and finally show that we care for them as well.
I agree but let's get the people that care and get nothing at the moment.
ie those that are of pension age those that get a small work's pension those on any benefit's that excludes them from getting C/A.
Then when those people get C/A I will feel even more sorry for those that get it at the moment be that it may be a pittance but at least they are getting more than me and others are at the moment.
Once we are on the bandwagon then push for a higher rate but don't keep leaving us off it push for that first then go for the higher rate that will give me encouragement to keep supporting others if they support us first.
here - here john. very well expressed. and there are so so many carers that this applies to.
just so you know... you can get income support and carers allowance - BUT they then reduce your income support - so you dont get anymore than you would by just being on income support....????? sense? dont think so...... if your on income support you only get another £38 and that isnt much really
Too many carers lose out on any benefits at all. We can't allow ourselves to forget any carer.
Marion is right - the DWP reduce the Income Support by the exact same amount and it's only the premium they receive so that's 27.15

We must remember it's not just the pensioners who are affected by the current rules!

Anyone on benefits or pensions thanks to the cruel overlapping benefit rule DO NOT GET the 46.85 Carers Allowance only a premium in cases of I.S. or an underlying entitlement amount for people on the pension/pension credit.

We can't just try to help one group first as we are all suffering poverty in the current system!

This winter has brought it all home to many Carers - no help, unless you're on the pension no real help with the increase in heating required either.

There are in my opinion very few Carers who recieve the whole Carer Allowance as most of it is clawed back by DWP due to this overlapping rule.

I don't think there are many who care +35 hours a week and get 'nothing' as I feel the underlying entitlement probably gives them a similar form of cash relief for pension credit etc. as the Carer Premium does on I.S. - remember few are receiving the full amount without the deductions elsewhere. Image

I know it's a bit confusing as if I were asked I'd say I get Carers Allowance and it's 48.65 but that is only a small part of the picture! Really what I should be saying is I get the premium (cause that's all the extra we have) and that's a big difference!! Image

marie x
I did not say only about pensioners i said all people ie.
Those that are excluded due to overlap rule i was until recently not a pensioner it effected me on incapacity benefit before that I asked could you wait until we could at least get C/A in some form or other.
I did not expect to be told we cant fight for one group of people i thought we were all equals not sod you I am alright Jack i just wanted to be included Thank you very much.
If it's poverty with it what do you call it with out it.
John said:
If in poverty with it what do you call it with out it.
Nigh on impossible to survive. Image
I really feel Carers Allowance is a con of the cruellest kind, given in one hand and taken with the other by DWP.
Underlying entitlement lets you get a premium and if you're under the limit, that'll get you a little Income support or a bit extra on pension credit or Housing but that's about all in the current system. Image
Carers Allowance needs to be non-means tested or the overlapping rule needs to be scrapped for Carers Allowance.
I feel, only then will we see any real help.

Increasing C.A. unless it's a big hike, will not be enough to help people it'll only push them over the limit so they no longer qualify for I.S. or pension credit and could end up making things worse. Image

marie x
I think that if you are on income support - you should get carer's allowance as an add on - not have the incomes support reduced - I would be happy with this as it would then mean (as I am entitled to around 86.00 is I woud get an extra 48.65 taking it to ) = 134.65 - at least it would be a start and would be more than minimum wage for 35 hours (what a paid care worker would get at the very least) which would be 192.50

BUT - because of there being lots of people who get different amounts of income ie pensions etc - dont you think it would be fair for everyone to recieve the same amount - this would then pan out anyway.... IE....WHY DOESNT THE GOVERNMENT JUST GIVE £192.50 for all carers.... not much to ask is it???? why would that be so hard - like its been said before - it would still save them paying paid carers.
I don't think there are many who care +35 hours a week and get 'nothing' as I feel the underlying entitlement probably gives them a similar form of cash relief for pension credit etc. as the Carer Premium does on I.S. - remember few are receiving the full amount without the deductions elsewhere. Image
My husband has to continue working 4 full days per week after retirement age (still got a mortgage) so I'm full time day/night carer for his mum who lives with us. She's on the Lower AA and on Social worker's advice, I applied for the Higher rate, guess what - Yep, you're right , it was declined. She's very frail, 92, blind in one eye, can just see shadows in the other, deaf, can only manage a few yards with a zimmer which takes about 5 mins to do 3 yards, and is now starting to become incontinent, on various medication, has had several transient strokes, unable to dress herself or wash and also has to be checked during the night or have pain meds given. Excuse me, but how frail and infirm does one have to be!!!!!!
I get the 'underlying entitlement' (i.e. nothing) as I've a small State Pension ( not even half of a full one and paid for by myself when working), BUT because my husband is still working I can't claim anything at all - we just manage.
Sooo, he supports mum and myself, BUT is taxed as a single man. Hahaha, spot the patsy.