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Becoming a recognised carer

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Hi, I was hoping somebody would be able to give me some advice. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and find it very difficult to do some day to day tasks for example opening bottles, tins, preparing veg etc. My hands are the main part of my body affected. I depend on my husband to do these extra jobs. To cut a long story short my husband is in the armed forces and has been told he has to go away for 4 months. He has explained to them that I have problems and they say the only way he can avoid not going away is to register as a carer. Can anyone tell me if this would be possible and how he would go about it? Many thanks in advance, Nicola
Hi Nicola,

Welcome to the forum.

Was it his Welfare Officer who told him about getting registered.
Are you under Soc Services at all as he may be able to register with them.

Usually the Welfare officer I mentioned above should be able to assist him.


Hi Rosemary, I am not under social services at all. I shall ask him if he can speak to a welfare officer. Is there a register you have to join? Many Thanks Nicola
Hi again Nicola,

There is no national register though there should be.
Various places can be used though,like Soc Services which I mentioned,your GP or consultant if you have one.
If he receives Carers Allowance for you when home that shows he is caring for you at least 35 hours per week.

I have just read the Army website ( not sure if that is his branch of the forces though),and every time when difficulties within a family it states contact the Welfare Officer.Obviously they will know all the rules and regulations which can apply.

Wish you well and keep us posted please.You never know when this will crop up again.

x x

Thanks Rosemary, I was just searching for info too. I am not so bad to need a lot of help just some things that I struggle with. We do not want any financial help just the reassurance that he wont be sent away leaving me to struggle. I will let you know if he
gets info. Can he simply call himself a carer without any official registration?
Hi there

Although many people use the phrase 'registered carer' there is actually no such thing. There is no central register of carers. But there are various ways your husband could be recognised as a carer.

There is legislation called the Work and Families Act 2006 which defines a carer as "someone who cares for, or expects to care for, an adult who they are married to, or who is their partner or civil partner." Under this law you have a right as a carer to ask for flexibility at work (though not necessarily to get it). I think this is worth mentioning to the Welfare officer, as under this law, your husband is defined as a carer, as he is looking after you.

http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Wor ... ghtsatwork

Rosemary has mentioned other ways such as through a social services assessment. Basically you would be assessed as to what help you need and your husband could also have a carers assessment. Another way is through the benefits system. As a soemone with a job it is unlikely your husband would get Carer's Allowance, but he might be able to claim an underlying entitlement, but that would be dependent on your entitlement to Disability benefits specifically the Disability Living Allowance.

More on DLA http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Fin ... gAllowance

A more informal way some carers are recognised is through their doctor - many GP surgeries have a carers register, all it would be is something on your notes to say you have a caring responsibility.

But in answer to your question there isn't any such thing as a register.

Hope that helps.

contact www.veterans-uk.info

they will put you in touch with local welfare officer .

Thanks for all your help I am going to read all the info carefully. Its frustrating as he has been going away for many years and now he needs to stay at home (because this year I developed Insulin dependent diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis within a matter of months) They dont make it easy. Thanks again
Hi Nicola

SSAFA, the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association, might be able to help you or direct you to an organisation that can. They provide assistance and advice to both serving and ex-armed forces personnel, their website is here:


Hope this helps,

your husbands unit will have a desigated Military welfare officer who's encompasses family welfare. Getting in touch wirg them and discussing your needs would the first step, the army are BIG and will have a system in place for situations like this.