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The current social workers are definitely expected to do a job they haven't been trained for. Just mention the word "accounts" and they will do anything to avoid the subject. "Contract" is even more of a swear word, I've had huge problems because M's current care managers denied that supporting M with his money was part of their job. I've seen the contract, it definitely is, only the care manager hadn't seen it, but was more concerned that I'd been allowed to. I asked for it from the Complaints Officer.

The really sad part is that their ignorance has had such a profound effect on my life, I can never reclaim the wasted years.
bowlingbun wrote:
Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:51 pm
I explained that by nature i'm an organiser, and that SSD were so disorganised and working so inefficiently. I suggested that I could really help them work more efficiently and sav them lots of money, and she is interested in me helping them. Wouldn't that be a result?!
This is what absolutley drives me around the bend with the whole system. Social service, care organisations, NHS are all awful. When life is so stressful and busy already it is diabolical that these services lack efficiency. It is not acceptable that people have to nag and badger repeatedly to get stuff done. I REALLY hope that you can make a difference locally because I am sure there are those less persistant than us who just get lost in the chaos.

Good luck with your meeting. xxx
Pet66 wrote:
Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:01 pm
Don't think I will ever watch that care programme. Need a distraction not reminders. I'm feeling extra sensitive at the moment. Am luckier than lots, as I have a supportive family. But still at the moment I could cry at adverts, and all sorts of nonsense.
((((((( Massive hug )))))) to all that need one.
Hi Pet. Thank you for the massive virtual hug. It does help that other people understand. I also think I am luckier than many too, but things are somehow harder at this time of year. Massive hugs back at you. xxx
The problem is that the NHS and the SS etc etc all skimp totally on employing sufficient admin staff!

I used to be the patient/carer rep at my local hospital's 'cancer team (I'm never quite sure what use we were - mostly it was box ticking for the overworked cancer manager as she had to be able to tick the box on 'patient/carer rep involvement'!) However, one definite 'thing' we did as reps was be the patient/carer rep on the MDT peer group reviews the hospital has to carry out (both internal and external). It was very interesting, (gave a glimpse of the 'inside workings' of consultants and MDTs etc!) actually, but I vividly remember a SENIOR oncology surgeon (he was the LEAD for his MDT!) being taken to task because he was not 'filling out the forms promptly'.....

Now, this was a guy who could cut you open, rip out tumours, and sew you back up and you stayed alive the whole process - a man of incredible skill and experience - an incredibly rare talent in the human population - yet he was being expected to do basic clerical work...

I spoke up, one of the few times I did - and said that as a taxpayer it was the most appalling use of tax money to pay a SURGEON to do clerical work!!!!!! His hourly rate was HUGE compared to an admin assistant....

The trouble is, not only is there skimping on admin staff, but most 'top managers' or even 'techical experts' (like surgeons etc) don't actually see 'admin' as a job at all. They don't realise that if you do not KEEP order you LOSE order. Records do NOT keep themselves!!!!!!