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Ajay, I don't use a mouse, but the touchpad. Plus I'm a technical idiot!! (It's official!)......:)

Re the blurb - hmm, what is the 'other way' I wonder??? Nursing home or what?

Sheridan Smith was brilliant as Cilla I remember! SO like the real one! Brilliant when she was belting out Anyone Who Had a Heart in the recording booth!
Pet66 wrote:
Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:26 pm
Find it so hard now, to watch anything to do with strokes and/ or dementia. I need distraction not reminders. It may seem cowardly or similar.Protecting myself I suppose.
I too hope it's realistic to those who do watch.
I am very much with you Pet, not cowardly at all. I haven't quite decided whether I'll watch myself yet. xxx
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:48 pm

Still . I hope Jimmy finds the right " Balance " for ALL our sakes.

If done correctly , might ... just might ... have an influence on the forthcoming Green Paper.

Hey, here's hoping Chris! I hope with all my being that it is done well. The trailer featured at least 3 lines I had found myself uttering myself in the past couple of years.. which makes me hopeful....
jenny lucas wrote:
Tue Nov 27, 2018 10:23 pm

Re the blurb - hmm, what is the 'other way' I wonder??? Nursing home or what?
This is what worries me... i really hope this isn't some glossy for TV ending that nicely ties up the ending in a way that doesn't happen in real life....
Not if jimmy has his way ... I , Daniel Blake ...only logical ending ?

Some would say dramatic ... I disagree.
It's going to be on Sunday 9th December , not sure what time
Reminder ... 9 pm THIS evening ... BBC.

Hopefully , will be posted on You Tube ( Independent of the Beeb ) by tomorrow morning allowing
the legions out there without a tv to watch it.
The trailer I saw, mum in hospital, daughter worried sick, hospital wanting bed back, mirrored my situation well, in fact too well. I don't want to be reminded of what I went through four year ago.
Just watched it.
I have no experience of stroke so can't comment on that side of it, but can see it would be harrowing viewing for anyone who has

The care side was more accurately portrayed than I thought it would be, but the end was a bit too glib

Some sterling performances and I hope it brings at least some of the struggles to more peoples minds

The only bit I disagreed with was the single mum of 2 primary school age daughters giving up her job on the basis "I'll get a caring allowance " as though she could live off that. Also there was no mention of paid Carers or a home care package
But how much could they fit into 90 minutes?
Reviews ?

A few around ... as expected this morning ... mainly concentrated on the acting as opposed to " The Message. "

Not I , Daniel Blake ... so far ... let's see by the end of this week.

Perhaps we were expected a little too much ... or little ?