Darling like many other M.P.`s will not use the "C" word he has talked about priorities , fairness & responsabilities well there you have it if any benefits were removed or changed in some way that would not be a "CUT" as the same amount of cash would be placed with the local authority in fact it would cost more to administer .
fairness he has said "CUTS" must be fair by that i presume he means he will not penalise the elderly/ young, disabled - pensioners and their carers .
responsabilities he must be responsable with the "CUTS" cast your mind bak just a few months the P.M. and his sidekick`s all said we must reward those who accept their responsabilities well carers have done just that we have taken on a massive responsability many of us by giving up a well paid job to care for an elderly / young disabled family member for little or no reward at all how will we be rewarded an easier form to fill in but with no benefits at the end why make the forms easier if there is no cash available for us .

defence spending even schools and health along with policing& transport will iam afraid to say have to suffer spending cuts before the most vulnerable members of society are forced into poverty the welfare state must be protected or the Q for assisted suicide will be very long indeed .