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bariatric beds and urethal catheters ( danger ) - Carers UK Forum

bariatric beds and urethal catheters ( danger )

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hello everyone I am new to the forum, I have been a unpaid carer for my girlfriend for 11 years,
she recently joined her mum in heaven , 3 months ago , they rushed her into A&E she had sepsis,
" blood poisoning " she died of urinary sepsis , the new care company, and the so called (occupational therapist)
from the council recommended a stupid noisy bariatric bed , it did relieve her bed sores but at the same time ,
tore her urethral caffeter out of her body , on 4 occasions causing bleed " a trauma " as the nhs district nurses ,
called it , they hit the roof in the hospital , however the nhs makes mistakes , that's life , she should have had antibiotics , and the catheter should never have been fitted while her uretha was dripping with blood ,
I even put a4 signs up for the care company to stop adjusting the electric bed " they ignored them " I have cctv evidence and I am not sueing them , they came to my house and apologised , she had progressive ms and was bedfast , there are 150,000 unpaid carers in my county , and only 8,000 are registered with the council , every 1 million pounds spent on care takes 6 million pounds to administer ? my angel is not their laboratory rat any more , her words not mine ................

I'm very sorry to read of the loss of your long term girlfriend and the terrible circumstances that caused her death. You must miss her very much.

thanks mellly1 you are so kind , I have been crying for three months ,
I still got carers allowance for 8 weeks and I also have a 6 week sick note ,
everyone has been so supportive , you do get the odd not so nice one,
but like my mum says you cannot change people.
she had no quality of life, me and her sister put a dnr on her ,
thank god she was there ! she was not in pain the A&E doc said
" mistakes were made " and if its any consolation we think you have both made
the right decision , she constantly hallucinated and had loud psychotic cognivitive
episodes / mental attacks ........... being a lone carer was tough
but supporting someone in need fills me with pride bye
Hello Karl
I'm very sad to hear of You loss. You sound like you were a very loving brave partner carer.
I do hope you will seek some bereavement counselling. Won't bring your angel back but may help you to cope.
My thoughts are with you
It's humbling to realise that there are people such as yourself around.